#156: Athlete Spotlight: How To Enjoy Your Sport Again w/ Swim Athlete Sloane

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Are you a mom of  an athlete who’s been grappling with feelings of anxiety, struggling to find her confidence, and maybe she’s even shed a few tears during the highs and lows of competition? If so, you’re not alone!

Many athletes face similar challenges, but there’s a shining example of someone who has successfully overcome these obstacles and found her way back to the joy of her sport. Meet Sloane, a talented swimmer and entrepreneur, whose incredible journey with the Elite Competitor Program has not only transformed her performance in the pool, but has also ignited a passion for creating her own business.

Today, we’ll dive into Sloane’s story and explore how this exceptional young athlete rediscovered her love for swimming and harnessed the power of a positive mindset to unlock her full potential. So, let’s take a deep breath and get ready to be inspired by Sloane’s remarkable transformation!

Sloane’s Journey Before the Elite Competitor Program

Before Sloane joined the Elite Competitor Program, she faced some significant challenges in her athletic career. As a swimmer, she struggled with anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and a lack of confidence. These issues affected her mental health and made it difficult for her to fully enjoy her sport. Sloane found herself crying during and after practices, leaving her feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

“I was not a very confident athlete. I did not ever have a good mindset before swim meets, even before swim practices. And it was actually really bad, to the point where I would be crying during or after practice. It was really affecting my mental health.”  – Sloane

Fortunately, her mom discovered the Elite Competitor Program and signed Sloane up, hoping it would be the solution they needed. Initially, Sloane was skeptical about the program, not fully understanding how it could help her. But after just a few sessions, she began to notice a positive change in her mindset and approach to her sport.

“I was skeptical about it because I was like, ‘What is this? How does this work? I don’t understand.’ But after a few lessons, I was looking forward to it each week. It was great.” – Sloane

Embracing the Elite Competitor Program

As Sloane went through the Elite Competitor Program, she learned various techniques that had a significant impact on her mental game. Among her favorites were the breathing exercises and the backpack routine or meditation. These tools helped her stay calm, centered, and focused before competitions, reducing her pre-race anxiety.

“The breathing exercises were great. Also, the backpack routine or meditation, I think I’ve done that so many times. I love that one. It’s amazing.”  – Sloane

Managing her time effectively to fit in the program was a challenge for Sloane, given her busy schedule as a young athlete and entrepreneur. However, she made a conscious effort to prioritize her mental training, sometimes using her journaling time before bed or finding small gaps in her day to complete the sessions.

“Sometimes the sessions, I would just be like, ‘Okay, this is really good. I feel like I’ve got everything from them.’ But most of the time, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m getting more information every minute I’m here, so I might as well stay to the end and finish this.’”  – Sloane

Transforming Relationships with Teammates

Through the Elite Competitor Program, Sloane not only honed her individual skills but also improved her relationships with her teammates. She became more aware of their mental states and developed the ability to offer valuable support and pep talks when needed. Her newfound leadership skills and understanding of her teammates’ emotions strengthened the bond within the team.

“I can tell if my teammates are in a good headspace or not. I’ve become really good at giving pep talks. If they’re upset about something, I’d say, ‘Okay, you can be upset about this, I understand. But, you can only be upset about this for five more minutes, and then we’re moving on.’” – Sloane

Impact on Parent-Child Relationship

Sloane’s journey with the Elite Competitor Program also had a positive effect on her relationship with her parents, especially her mom. Instead of pushing her to go to swim practice, her mom adopted a more supportive approach, redirecting Sloane when necessary and allowing her to handle her challenges independently. This change fostered a sense of trust and autonomy in Sloane, helping her develop a healthier and more resilient mindset.

“My mom would redirect me to where I’m supposed to be, but I really haven’t had big moments yet where she needs to really give me any pep talks or help with that. I’ve been able to handle it myself.” –  Sloane

Beyond the Pool – Entrepreneurship and Soul Thread Jewelry

For Sloane, the Elite Competitor Program’s impact extended beyond the swimming pool. Inspired by the program’s emphasis on having activities outside of her sport, she and her friend decided to start their own business called “Soul Thread Jewelry.” This venture allowed Sloane to explore her creativity and entrepreneurship skills while providing waterproof jewelry options for fellow swimmers.

“We focus on waterproof jewelry because obviously, since I swim, I want something that I can wear while I’m competing and swimming. So, we create cool bracelets and waterproof stuff.” – Sloane

Their business quickly gained traction on social media, and Sloane found herself managing a TikTok page with thousands of followers. The experience of running a business and dealing with its challenges further solidified the mental skills she acquired from the Elite Competitor Program.

“We actually have a TikTok page. It has around 2,000 followers now. I run that, and I am a co-owner of it. It’s been amazing for me.” – Sloane

Sloane’s Message to Other Athletes

Sloane’s success story and transformation are nothing short of inspiring. Her message to other athletes considering the Elite Competitor Program is simple yet powerful: just do it! She emphasizes that the program offers incredible support and guidance that you might not fully grasp until you experience it firsthand.

“Do it because it’s so helpful. You don’t even understand how helpful it is until you’ve done it. I don’t know why anyone would choose not to do it. It was probably one of the most helpful things I’ve ever done.” – Sloane

Beyond her sport, Sloane discovered that the mental training she received not only improved her performance but also positively impacted other aspects of her life. With newfound confidence and the right mindset, she navigated challenges both in and out of the pool, propelling her towards greater success as an athlete and entrepreneur.

“It’s helped me with my jewelry store, managing stress during the school year, and handling friends. Definitely, just do it, because it’ll help you a lot.” – Sloane

 The Bottom Line

Sloane’s journey is a testament to the incredible potential of mental training and the impact it can have on an athlete’s life. Her story serves as an inspiration to athletes who may be struggling with their confidence and mental well-being. The Elite Competitor Program has proven to be a valuable tool in rediscovering the joy of sport, developing leadership skills, and embracing opportunities outside of athletics.

So, if you find yourself facing similar challenges or seeking to elevate your performance, take a page from Sloane’s book and consider the Elite Competitor Program. Embrace the power of a positive mindset, and you might just unlock your full potential both as an athlete and as an individual. With the right support and determination, you can rewrite your own success story just like Sloane did!

Episode Highlights: 

[04:04] Sloane’s plans for high school swimming. Trying out for the varsity team for high school.

[06:33] Soul Threads 2023

[07:56] What was going on before you joined the Elite Defender Program? The process of joining the program. Favorite techniques she learned.

[12:25] How to cope with your problems and work around them. Challenges in her sport and how she copes with them.

[14:34] How did you make time for the feeling better program? Negativity bias and how to overcome it. How to make time for feeling better.

[16:44] Daily Mindset Routine: Daily mindset routine, journaling, breathwork and visualization. Mental training and the role it played.

[18:42] Navigating Teammate Relationships: Navigating teammate relationships and relationships with teammates. Relationships with mom and parents.

[20:53] Sloane’s experience with the Elite Competitor Program. Sloan shares her thoughts on her coach. Advice for other athletes considering joining the program.


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