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We’re Kristina & Breanne, and we’re passionate about building the next generation of confident women.


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We started this business together with a dream to serve millions of young female athletes, enabling a generation of women to grow up with unshakeable confidence and belief in themselves. We know that these young women will change the world!

We’ve had so many late-night brainstorming sessions after our kids and husbands went to bed. As former collegiate athletes and fellow moms, we know how hard it can be for both athletes and their parents to deal with low self-confidence, negative self-talk, and pre-game anxiety.

We’re passionate about giving girl athletes everything we wish we would have had at their age — and everything we wish our moms would have had, too.

How Two Sisters-in-Law Started The Elite Competitor.

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As former competitive athletes and current moms and coaches, we recognized there was a huge gap in the coaching industry.

Most mental coaching programs are solely for the athlete themselves, giving them the tools they need to strengthen their mental game. Moms were left completely out of the game plan.

We know that in order for an athlete to succeed, they need to feel confident in themselves and supported by their parents.

That’s why we created The Elite Competitor to be a resource for moms and daughters to go through together.  We use proven, science-backed methods and philosophies.

We give moms the tools, skills, and words to know how to best support their daughter, who is strengthening her mental game.


We Work with Moms too, Not Just Athletes

The elite competitor Difference

Being an athlete teaches you a lot of great life lessons. Elite Mental Game does the exact same thing, but for mental strength.

See your daughter develop game day & everyday confidence

Middle school and high school, individual sports and team sports, we work with any athlete who wants to improve their mental game.

Any athlete of any age can benefit

The Elite Mental Game is the only program that also coaches parents on how to support their athlete — so you know what to say.

You get coached too, not just your daughter

Why Work with The
Elite Competitor?

Lover of the outdoors

Mom of One

Certified Integral Coach

Master’s in Organizational Leadership

Corporate professional for 15+ years

Former high school volleyball state champion


Aspiring healthy baker

Mom of two

Certified Positive Performance Mindset Coach

Master’s in education

Head high school coach
+ 2x state champs

Former college athlete

coach bre

Your EC Team

“Help One Person Everyday”

We partner with HOPE for the Good because we share a passion for youth empowerment through sports. They are making a tremendous local impact, especially for at risk teens who greatly benefit from their mentorship and support.

“Transforming lives through building courts and cultural exchange.”

We partner with Courts for Kids because we believe in the power of access to sport and its role developing confidence in youth and bringing communities together. We also see the value of learning from and working alongside people of a wide variety backgrounds and cultures in order to expand our cultural awareness.

“Dedicated to raising money and awareness for breast cancer research and support.”

We partner with Pink Ribbon Army in order to support our local Seattle community and specifically women and their families who are fighting cancer right now, including Breanne’s sister Lauren. Our heartfelt wish is that through ongoing progress in cancer research, the girls who are part of our programs today can grow up without having to face the challenges of cancer.

We’re committed to helping organizations we believe in.


It’s about More than Sports.

Being a mom doesn’t come with a playbook— but The Elite Competitor is the closest thing.


Don’t let your daughter beat herself up post-game.

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