so she believes in herself as much as you do

Increase Your Girl Athlete’s                     

Increase Your Girl



“You’ve got this!”
“You are good enough!”  
“You belong on this team!”

Isn’t working. 

But simply telling her..

You absolutely can encourage your athlete daughter without pushing too hard

overcome mistakes, release the pressure to be perfect, and flip her negative mindset – so she can have fun and feel excited to play her sport!

how to help your daughter...

your daughter is missing to reach her fullest potential (and that she won’t learn from her coach)

The crucial piece of training... 

moms make when trying to help strengthen their daughter’s mental game – and how you can avoid these

3 most common mistakes...

sports moms

Inside this free training for                      you'll discover:

There’s a better way to help your daughter play at her fullest potential

Inside this free training for

you'll discover:

Hi, I’m Coach Bre.

When I started coaching 12 years ago, I noticed that something was off. 

My athletes knew their sport, but they were struggling to come back after mistakes and letting outside circumstances dictate how they showed up to compete. 

(Sound familiar?!)

More drills weren’t the answer. We needed to work on our mental performance. 

I dove in to learn everything I could and became certified at the highest level in teaching athletes the mental side of the game.  

Today, I’ve helped thousands of female athletes build their confidence …

… and sports moms know exactly what to say to encourage their daughters…

using my Unstoppable Athlete Method, which you’ll see in action inside this free training. I’ll see you there!

I was so tired (and sad) of seeing my athletes spiral after mistakes, play better in practice than in games, and beat themselves up

As a high school head volleyball coach

Have fun and enjoy playing her sport!

Release her anxiety about letting others down and the need to be perfect

Play to her fullest potential

Overcome nerves

Thrive even with a less-than-ideal coach or drama among teammates

Feel confident in her abilities

Recover quickly from mistakes

You’ll leave this free, ~45-minute training knowing how to help your athlete daughter …


Your daughter’s mental game directly impacts her results on the