Be a better athlete and a better you by training your mind first. 

Elite athletes train their minds like they train their bodies. Give yourself a competitive advantage and allow your hard work to pay off by having the skills to perform well under pressure, remain calm in the chaos, and play past your limits.

Level Up as an Elite

Level Up as an Elite


Meet coach bre!

Former collegiate athlete, current head coach voted with the best dance moves 😉, and Elite Competitor™ coach.

Meet Your Coach


If you’ve ever felt like this before, you probably already know your mental game is to blame. It’s not your fault — the mental game is often not taught or coached!

“Sometimes I give up on myself! If I don’t do things perfectly I get frustrated or say mean thing to myself!” —McKenna

“I’m just really hard on myself and I get nervous because I don’t want to mess up.” - Piper

“Some challenges I face are wanting to be perfect, getting really negative when I make a mistake, and sometimes confidence.” —Alexa

Hover over your future Elite competitor teammates to learn their stories.

check out your future Elite competitor teammates' stories.

Have You Ever Felt Like This?


“Some challenges I face are wanting to be perfect, getting really negative when I make a mistake, and sometimes confidence.” - Alexa
“Sometimes I give up on myself! If I don’t do things perfectly I get frustrated or say mean thing to myself!” - McKenna
“I’m just really hard on myself and I get nervous because I don’t want to mess up.” - Piper
“I have been out due to an injury so my confidence is a little lacking and I am letting my doubts take over my mindset.” - Ashdan
“My confidence goes down when I’m hard on myself. I don’t want to let my team, parents, and coach down…” - Mylee
“I second guess my decisions on the field, and then make mistakes.” - Delaney
“I always think I have to be perfect and when having pressure on me I can sometimes make a mistake, and I get mad at myself for messing up. ” - Audrey

If either (or both!) of these sound like you, you’re not alone.

Knows she’s not playing at
the top of her game

Excelling at a high level, but still feel like she’s not good enough

Looking for ways to improve
in her sport

Knows that improving her mental game is what she needs to separate herself and reach the next level

“I’m doing really well On my team, but something’s Missing…”


Plays well in practice, but not as
well in competition

Feels like she always has to prove herself to her coaches, teammates, and parents

Struggles in high-pressure situations
and is afraid to let others down 

Wants to play in college and has the skills, but just isn’t performing to her potential and getting the looks she needs

“I get in my own head &
can’t Get out, no matter
how much I try..”


Which Athlete are You?

Bring your biggest goals to life

Come in clutch when it counts

Feel confident & secure in yourself

Overcome mistakes and perceived “failures” in a snap

Play consistently to your potential

Turn it on at game time

When you enroll in elite mental game, you’ll be able to…


Turn This Moment into Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

Put the play back in playing sports.

Play free.
Love your sport again.
Make the next level team.
Get recruited to play in college.
Feel proud of how you compete.
Love your amazing self.
Have no regrets.

This is all possible for you.


Emma (13), basketball, volleyball, swim, and track athlete

“My biggest transformation from the program is learning how to get over mistakes. Another one is how to not have perfectionism. My confidence has boosted in myself because I know how to get over mistakes.”

Let’s hear it from the girls

Jenna (15), Volleyball and Equestrian Team

"It was hard for me to forget my mistakes and move on from the past... [they] helped me with these challenges because I was able to realize that I was not alone. It helped me see how to fix my problem and why I was having those problems."

Let’s hear it from the girls

Amanda (16), Volleyball Player

"I am much more confident in my abilities. I've also noticed how my thoughts have become a lot more positive when doing workouts and other hard challenges."

Let’s hear it from the girls

Take a Look at
Elite mental



By the end of The Elite Mental Game, you will have the skills to play with confidence and consistency, overcome mistakes, go for your big goals, and believe in yourself!

Now, you’ll discover how to continue using the tools you’ve learned and keep the momentum going, season after season or anytime a new challenge or situation comes up!

You'll also reflect on your growth through completing these trainings and unlock one more surprise gift!

Phase 5 - Keep the Momentum Going

Get The Most Out Of Your Mental Game Training

In this phase, you will be equipped with tangible strategies and mindset tools to handle unique challenges that come your way.

We’re talking about navigating perfectionism & comparison, handling stress, and being a leader that others look to.

Phase 4 - Mental Edge Toolkit for Athletes

Prepare For & Overcome Challenges

You will develop a pre-game routine that is foundational to your performance! Learn how to create yours so that you get to your hype number and play well, every time!

Handle pressure, nerves, expectations, and the unexpected…they all can happen in a competition! Learn how to perform well, even when challenges hit.

Finally, you’ll learn how to develop your post-game routine so that you can improve after every competition!

As you work through these lessons, you'll unlock another surprise gift!

Phase 3 - High-Performance Game Plan

Perform Consistently & Confidently 

You will gain all the mental training and tools you need to play your best no matter the circumstances, perform under pressure, and release the elite inner athlete that’s already inside you!

This is where you practice mental training like the pros - visualization, breath work, shifting negative self-talk, setting big goals (and more!)

Phase 2 - Elite Mental Game Foundations  

Game Changing Mindset Training

You will walk away with an effective Snap Back Routine™ that allows you to shake off mistakes in seconds and keep playing with confidence.

You will be the athlete who can recover from mistakes the fastest, has the biggest competitive advantage... and the most fun!

AND we have a surprise gift for you when you complete this super important phase!

Phase 1 - Bounce Back in a Snap

Recover Quickly From Mistakes & Stop The Spiral

Right from the start, you will see the benefits of working on your mental game and feel so excited for this opportunity to reach your performance goals, love your sport, earn points and prizes as you learn, and surround yourself with other athletes who are doing the same.

You'll discover your Inner Elite Competitor and set the foundation for everything you'll be working on inside The Elite Mental game.

Actually, want a sneak peak at this first lesson?! Check it out here

What’s possible for you as you work through this mental training game!


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Access the program anywhere.

Whether you’re on the bus to your away game or in your room after school.

Still have questions?

Here are some common questions asked by both moms & their athletes.

Who is The Elite mental game for?

The Elite Mental Game is for athletes of ALL sports...

**gymnastics, volleyball, track, cheerleading, softball, tennis, dance, equestrian, archery, basketball, etc... literally any and all**

...who are passionate about their sport, who want to play with confidence and consistency, and love playing and competing.

Typically, they are between the ages of 11-18, but we've had both younger and older athletes find great success in this program.

Often, they are athletes who want to level up in their sport (that could mean making the 8th grade team, playing on varsity, making an elite travel team, beating their own past record, and more!) and are investing time and energy to up their physical skills and knowledge of the game... improving their mental game is the missing key!

AND... this is for your mom (really, all parents) too! They'll learn how to best support you before and after competitions, in the way YOU like to be supported!

Some moms (parents) and athletes complete the program together, hand in hand, sharing along the way.

And others prefer to do their work individually.

Both options work great; it's whatever works best for you two!

How much time commitment is The Elite mental game?

The Elite Mental Game... is a GAME! It includes 4 main training phases (plus a 5th phases on how to make the skills stick) that can be worked through at your own pace.

That means, you can build the skills and get the results as fast as you want as you work through the 10-20 minute training videos and exercises.

Then you'll work to strengthen these mental skills with about 10 minutes per day of practice (such as breath work, visualizations, ect.) that you can do at your actual practices, before competitions, and even as you're brushing her teeth or riding to school.

So... it doesn't take much time to get big results!

How does The Elite MENTAL GAME work?

The Elite Mental Game is a really powerful, unique experience for athletes! It's setup as a game... with points and prizes!

You’ll receive an email/text with your login details for our Training Portal. Inside, you’ll access the “start here” videos to get an overview of the program, print your Athlete Playbook, and complete your first 'Score-A-Point Survey'!

Then, you'll work through 4 training phases - starting with the Bounce Back In A Snap™ Challenge where you'll learn how to bounce back from mistakes in seconds, making this one of your greatest competitive advantages!

As you complete trainings, you'll earn points, unlock the next training, and have some surprises pop up along the way. You'll set big goals, learn how to visualize like the pros do, and learn breath work techniques that make a big difference!

You'll learn pre- and post-competition routines to help you reduce nerves, play with confidence, and then productively process your performance and determine what you'll work on to improve. Plus so much more!

This program is a game changer! Many of our athletes report increases in their confidence and results within the first 1-2 weeks!

You have lifetime access to ALL the mental game trainings inside the game, so there really is no "getting behind” and you can revisit trainings in the future as you encounter new challenges and opportunities.

What's Coach On Call & The Level-up Group Coaching Calls?

For the first 12 weeks you'll have us right by your side to help you get results!

You have unlimited Coach On Call texting where we'll check in with you each week to see how you're doing. You can ask our Elite Competitor™ Coaches anything and everything... from support with the trainings, to situations you're facing in your sport, and more!

Don't have a phone? 
No prob! You can text from your parent's phone or just send an email.

We're here to help you build your skills and navigate your sports journey!

You're also invited to join our Athlete Level-Up Group Coaching Calls (2x/mo) with other athletes your age. You can ask questions or just listen in to what other athletes are asking. 

Feeling nervous about the calls? No worries! You can turn your video on or off, chat or not... or even just text in your questions ahead of time. It's all up to you!

We just want to help you be successful and truly build your mental game skills!

(Coach on Call texting and Live Calls aren't required to get results, you'll learn all the skills inside the training lessons!)

Is this counseling? Or Mean something is wrong with me?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you!! You just need the opportunity to build skills and practice... just like you physically practice your sport.

Counseling and therapy are so important and have a vital place in supporting many athletes and families. 

We are certified Mental Performance coaches, not licensed counselors or therapists. Please don't expect this to be anything like counseling. 

Instead, The Elite Mental Game is a fun game to play to build your skills! It is designed to help you level-up, build confidence, and really go after your big goals in your sport... by developing the mental skills and tools you need.

It's your opportunity to build your mental game, just like the pros do!

What do I have to lose?

Nothing! Absolutely, nothing.

I want you to image it's 1, 3, 5 years from now and you're looking back at your athletic career... what do you want to see?

  • Constantly worried about what others are thinking
  • Never really tapping into your potential
  • Missing out on making the team you wanted to make
  • Holding back for fear of failure or what others are thinking
  • Letting perfectionism rule you


  • Loving your sport
  • Coming in clutch when it counts
  • Playing at the level and on the team you want to play with
  • Feeling free and confident no matter what happens on the court/field

That's your opportunity when you commit to developing your mental game!

So you have nothing to lose, except all those experience, thoughts, worries, and concerns that are holding you back.

Which is actually quite a lot, when we look at it that way! 
P.S. If you have any questions for me, just send me a note at or a DM on Instagram @elitecompetitorcoach.
This program is basically everything that I wish I would have known when I was growing up as an athlete... struggling with confidence, being way too hard on myself, and letting one mistake derail me for the whole match.

Now, as a previous collegiate athlete, a head volleyball coach, and a certified Elite Competitor Coach, I am honored to work with so many female athletes just like you.

I'm grateful every single day for the opportunity to build up athletes like you so you can reach your goals and love playing your sport.

Cheering for you always!

Coach Bre

coach bre

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