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PLUS - get the playbook for sports moms - so you always know what to say and do to build her confidence

 ...and plays like it every time she competes


is now open!

Raise a fearlessly 
confident girl athlete who believes in

- Holli, mom to Sienna, middle school basketball player & Elite Mental Game athlete

“My daughter went from getting openly upset on the court if she made a mistake to being a calm, level-headed, and positive leader for her team...“I also love how much her confidence has increased – you can just see it when she plays.””

don't just take our word for it...

“You’ve got this!”

“You are good enough!”

“You belong on this team!”

Isn’t working.

In fact, it’s causing more than a few eye rolls and replies like, “Mom, you just don’t get it!”  

From one mom to another, can I just say –we’ve all been there!

But this doesn’t have to be the norm between you and your girl.

Your athlete daughter is                    to shake off mistakes, overcome nerves, & play her best …

Your athlete daughter is struggling to shake off mistakes, overcome nerves, & play her best …


Sports mom,

of course you want to do everything you can to help!

Our program, The Elite Mental Game, will significantly improve how you interact with your daughter and how she shows up to compete.💪 (Keep reading to see how!)

You want her to love her sport and enjoy her time as an athlete. To become resilient in the face of anything life throws at her outside of sports, too (school work, relationships. etc!).  

You want your daughter to be happy.

And … more than that:

You believe in your daughter so much.
You know that if she could just get out
of her own head and stop doubting herself, she could be one of the best athletes out there!

It’s so hard to see her not playing at her fullest potential because …

Where she can always trust that no matter what she’s going through in her sport, she can come to you for the right words, guidance, encouragement, and support.  

So you can skip the usual post-game drama … (hang in there, Mom!)

… and instead talk, laugh, and make life-long memories during those post-competition car rides home together.

Sound amazing? We agree!!

There’s just one small *eh em … ENORMOUS … hurdle (figurative hurdle!) standing in your way.

You want to have a close relationship
with your athlete daughter.

not to mention...

So she can recover quickly from mistakes, thrive even with teammate drama or a less-than-ideal coach, and stop comparing herself to others.

Ding ding ding!!! If you guessed this last one – you’ve got it!!

Give your daughter (and yourself) access to the same mental game training tools the best athletes use to fuel their confidence and perform under pressure.

She won’t. Confidence doesn’t come naturally with time; it’s a skill that needs to be learned and practiced to get good at it. Your daughter will not feel confident after she makes more plays or scores more points.

She has to master the mental side of the game and start flexing her new confidence skills first – and then she’ll start playing to her fullest potential.

Hope your daughter naturally builds confidence with experience.

Yikes – don’t count on it! Coaches are trained to teach athletes the physical skills of the game, not the mental practices they need to execute those skills under pressure.  

I’ve been a head coach for 12+ years, and believe me when I say – 99% of coaches are not teaching their athletes the mental side of the game.

Rely on her coach to show her how to play with confidence.

Mom –this isn’t a phase. Every time your daughter reaches a new level in her sport, the pressure to achieve will only increase.

The difficult truth is that 70% of girl athletes quit before the age 13 because they don’t feel like they can’t live up to all the expectations and they don’t have the tools to manage their stress.

Wait for this struggle to play with confidence to pass because this is ‘just a phase' athletes go through.

If you guessed …

How will you encourage your
daughter to play her best without
adding more pressure or saying the
wrong things and pushing her away?

Alexis (11), Gymnast

"My favorite part was letting go of perfectionism. I had a real problem with not letting go of mistakes and I wasn't bouncing back as quickly as I wanted to. Letting go of perfectionism helped me!"

Let’s hear it from the girls

Audrey (11), Lacrosse

"It’s helped me realize I still love my sport, even though I used to not have fun because I just wasn’t that good, or so I thought. Also, I am no longer jealous, only inspired."

Let’s hear it from the girls

Emma (13), basketball, volleyball, swim, and track athlete

“My biggest transformation from the program is learning how to get over mistakes. Another one is how to not have perfectionism. My confidence has boosted in myself because I know how to get over mistakes.”

Let’s hear it from the girls

Jenna (15), Volleyball and Equestrian Team

"It was hard for me to forget my mistakes and move on from the past... [they] helped me with these challenges because I was able to realize that I was not alone. It helped me see how to fix my problem and why I was having those problems."

Let’s hear it from the girls

Amanda (16), Volleyball Player

"I am much more confident in my abilities. I've also noticed how my thoughts have become a lot more positive when doing workouts and other hard challenges."

Let’s hear it from the girls

Putting in more hours at the gym, having better discipline, and ‘getting tough’ is not what your daughter needs to do to achieve her goals as an athlete.

And ….

Giving her more of the same well-meaning advice you’ve already tried will not build your athlete daughter’s confidence in herself or strengthen your relationship with her.

Elite athletes don’t just work on
the physical skills of their sport
…they’re also dedicated to
practicing their mental game.


Here’s the piece you’ve been missing:

Instead, you need to:

Equip your daughter
with mental game training that shows her how to:

Recover quickly from mistakes

Have fun and enjoy playing her sport!

Release her anxiety about letting
others down and the need to be perfect

Play to her fullest potential

Overcome nerves

Thrive even with a less-than-ideal coach or drama among teammates

Feel confident in her abilities

… and provide the best environment (and mother-daughter relationship!) possible for her to succeed.

Equip yourself with mental game training for sports moms so you can build confidence in your daughter before, during, & after competitions

as well as...

The only mental game training for sports moms who want to build confidence in their daughters and for girl athletes who want to play their best no matter what.

The Elite Mental Game


Whether your girl athlete is competing in an individual or team sport, a high schooler or middle schooler, our program speaks to any sport and any age.


Yes, we coach

-Colleen, mom to Amelia, high school volleyball player & Elite Mental Game athlete

“The Elite Mental Game showed me how to talk to my athlete daughter without sounding like ‘that’ parent –the one who constantly nags, says the wrong things, or puts undue pressure on her…Now, I know what to say and do to instill confidence in her; This is priceless to me.”

don't just take our word for it...

At the same time, your daughter will go through her own set of mental game trainings following our Unstoppable Athlete Method!

She’ll leave The EMG knowing how to recover quickly from mistakes, release the fear of letting others down and having to be perfect, and truly feeling like the elite and confident athlete she is …

… so she can play her best every time she shows up to compete.

Mom, when you and your daughter enroll, you’ll be taken to our exclusive mental game training portal for sports moms.

Here, you’ll find all the trainings, tools, and info you need to really build up your daughter’s confidence and help her navigate setbacks.

You’ll also get access to our pep talks, sports mom ‘game plans,’ and scripts – so you’ll know exactly what to say and do before, during, and after her next competition.

One part is for you, Mom, and the other is for your daughter

The Elite Mental Game is
two training programs in one

BONUS #3 -
training bundle

How to deal with challenging coaches and teammate drama

BONUS #2 -
Coach On Call

Unlimited text support with our coaches for 12 weeks to answer your questions and give advice for any challenge you and your daughter are facing right now

BONUS #1 -
Our community

A community of moms and daughters who are on this journey with you!

BONUS - 12 weeks of live,
group coaching calls

 and support from our coaches, who are trained and certified in teaching the mental side of the game to athletes

Self-paced, short
training videos

and exercises that are just 10-20 minutes each and that you can implement on your schedule – because we totally understand you’re busy!  

 Lifetime access

to all the mental game trainings in the program, so you can come back and use the mindset tools you gain here anytime

Mom and daughter,
with EMG, you’ll both get …

Here’s everything you and your
daughter will achieve inside The Elite Mental Game 

By the end of The Elite Mental Game, you and your daughter will know how to handle any challenge that comes your way, and you’ll be the sports mom your athlete needs. 

Now, you’ll discover how to continue using the tools you’ve learned and keep the momentum going, season after season or anytime a new challenge or situation comes up!

Phase 5 - Keep the Momentum Going

Get The Most Out Of Your Mental Game Training

In this phase, both you and your daughter will get equipped with tangible strategies and mindset tools to handle any unique challenges that come up on your journey.

We’re talking about navigating perfectionism & comparison, preventing burnout, injuries, politics in sports, and even how to walk the line of being a coach and parent without damaging your relationship (Plus more!)

Phase 4 - Mental Edge Toolkit for Athletes & Sports Moms

Prepare For & Overcome Challenges - Together

Your athlete will develop a pre-performance game plan so she can show up and compete consistently and know how to adapt when things don’t go as planned (because they rarely do!!).

She’ll also learn how to evaluate her performance without beating herself up.

And, Mom – here it is! You’ll get a custom game plan that shows you exactly what to say before, during, and after competitions to create the best environment (and mother-daughter relationship) possible for your athlete.

Phase 3 - High-Performance Game Plan & Powerful Pep Talks

Perform Consistently & Confidently And Give Powerful Pep Talks

Your athlete will gain all the mental training and tools she needs to believe in herself, play her best no matter the circumstances, perform under pressure, and release the elite inner athlete that’s already inside her!

This is where she practices mental training like the pros - visualization, breath work, shifting negative self-talk, setting big goals (and more!)

In the meantime, you’ll get the step-by-step playbook for sports moms!! You’ll finally show up as the sports parent you want to be and understand exactly what to say and do to build your athlete’s confidence in any situation.

Phase 2 -Elite Mental Game Foundations  

Game Changing Mindset Training– For Athletes and Sports Moms

Your athlete will walk away with an effective Snap Back Routine™ that allows her to shake off mistakes in seconds and always play with confidence.

At the same time, you’ll discover exactly what you can do to stop the spiral after she makes a mistake and build her confidence from the stands when she has a setback.

Phase 1 - Bounce Back in a Snap

Recover Quickly From Mistakes & Stop The Spiral

Right from the start, your daughter will see the benefits of working on her mental game and feel so excited for this opportunity to reach her performance goals, love her sport, earn prizes as she learns, and surround herself with other athletes who are doing the same.

Meanwhile, Mom, you’ll quickly see why our approach to mental training is different than anything out there.

That’s because we know that in order for athletes to be successful, they need parents who know exactly how to support them! You’ll get a vision of just what’s possible when you follow our method.

What’s possible for your athlete daughter and you as a sports mom


Keep scrolling to 
View the rest 
Of the program


Get immediate access to one of our most popular and effective trainings when you join EMG today!

With this, your daughter will discover a positive and effective framework for talking to her coaches and teammates and so much more!

Mom, you’ll gain a specific and step-by-step strategy for what to say & when you should step in when it comes to teammate drama and challenging coaches.

You’ll both leave this training knowing how to confidently navigate these challenging situations that all athletes encounter at some point.

How To Rise Above Teammate Drama & How to Thrive Under
Challenging Coaches [Training Bundle] (Valued at $300)

Bonus #4

PLUS! Get this fast-action bonus when you join EMG now

For 12 weeks, you and your athlete will have direct text access to our Elite Mental Game coaches to ask questions and get advice on any challenge you’re working through right now.

Yes - real coaches who love seeing your questions pop up! Our coaches are trained at the highest level in teaching athletes the mental side of the game AND they’re moms. They’ll personally respond to any thoughts or questions either of you have and will address your unique challenges and concerns.

Plus, we send weekly check-ins to help encourage your daughter to keep making progress!

Coach On Call - Unlimited Text Support With Our Coaches
(Valued at $1500)

Bonus #3

Inside this community, you’ll get advice on how to encourage your daughter, strategies for what to say and do before, during, and after her competitions, invaluable knowledge from expert speakers, and camaraderie with other sports moms who ‘get it’ (like you do!)

Inner Circle lasts for 12 weeks and also includes (optional!) bi-weekly trainings and monthly Zoom calls with our EMG coaches. Replays are available if you can’t make it live!

*Members Only* Sports Moms Inner Circle (Valued at $1000)

Bonus #2

Deepen your daughter’s understanding and incorporation of everything she’s learning inside the program, and show her that she’s not alone in her experience!

On these calls, she’ll receive tangible coaching that is positive and empowering from coaches who are certified in teaching athletes the mental side of the game, and she’ll grow through listening to the questions asked by her peers.

Calls occur 2x/month for 12 weeks, and you’ll always have access to the replays. Your daughter does not need to attend these coaching calls to get the results of this program … these are just a really great bonus!

*Members Only* Athlete Monthly Level-Up Live Group Coaching Calls (Valued at $850)

Bonus #1

When you enroll in the Elite Mental
Game, you’ll get all the core training
phases mentioned above, plus …

As your daughter finishes the short trainings and learns new mindset tools, she’ll collect points and earn prizes! The Elite Mental Game will build up your daughter and recognize the progress she makes every week.

Psst - This program is elite mental
game training - but it’s also so fun &
rewarding for your middle school or high school daughter to be a part of!!

Total value = $6,650

++ FAST ACTION BONUS FOR THOSE WHO JOIN NOW! How To Rise Above Teammate Drama & How To Thrive Under Challenging Coaches [Training Bundle] (valued at $300)

BONUS #3: Coach On Call – Unlimited Text Support With Our Coaches for 12 weeks (valued at $1500)

BONUS #2: Sports Moms Inner Circle Community & Bi-Weekly Trainings for 12 weeks (valued at $1000)

BONUS #1: Athlete 2x/Month Level-Up Group Coaching Calls for 12 weeks (valued at $850)

Lifetime Access to Our Elite Mental Game Trainings for Athletes & Sports Moms (valued at $3,000)

When you join The Elite Mental Game
today, you’ll walk away with:

A quick recap for those who are checking their notes …

If we can help by offering a more extended payment plan, reach out to

payment of $1,397

best deal

3 monthly
payments of $493

Most flexible

Your investment today:

To excel in her sport, she has to make mental game training a priority.

But as a high school coach who was so tired (and sad!) of seeing her athletes struggle to come back after mistakes, I can tell you without a doubt that:

Extra hours at practice, prestigious camps, and the most positive pep talks you can give will not help your daughter play her best.

Yep – having kids
in sports can get

From one sports mom to another, I totally understand that …

The Elite Mental Game will give you lifetime access to the same mental game training that athletes at the highest levels rely on to perform.

This is the best contribution you can make to your athlete daughter’s sports career, and to her resilience, success, confidence, and belief in herself outside of sports, too.

We are so excited to welcome you into The Elite Mental Game with the payment plan that works best for your family.

Mental game training is the difference between elite athletes who always play their best & those who give up or crumble under pressure.

Every successful college, professional, and Olympic athlete today practices the mental side of their game.

Mental game training is the piece you’ve been missing.

If you’re like most moms who join EMG with their daughters, you’re here because you’ve already tried everything else to help your daughter play with confidence – but nothing has worked

- Shenique, mom to Mia, high school swimmer & Elite Mental Game athlete

“The Elite Mental Game is what we needed- coaching for moms and athletes.  Because nobody checks on the parents and tells us what we’re doing wrong! The information in the EMG is so important; the tools are so critical. And the value you get from it and the lifetime access to the trainings are so key. The Elite Mental Game has been worth every dollar and the best investment.” 

don't just take our word for it...

I have all the credentials you’d want someone who is going to teach your daughter the mental side of the game to have. A Master’s in education. 12+ years of experience coaching high school athletes. Certification as a Positive Performance Coach.

But, mostly, I’m a coach who was so tired of seeing her athletes struggle to come back after mistakes, play better in practices than in games, and let outside circumstances control how they showed up to compete.

I wanted more for my athletes … because they deserved more.

Mental Performance coach, head high school volleyball coach (two-time state champs!), and co-founder of The Elite Competitor™

coach bre-

Hi! I’m

In case we haven’t already met …

-coach bre

The positive transformation and confidence boost you’ll see in your daughter after joining EMG will happen almost immediately – in the way she talks about herself, believes in her abilities, plays with confidence, and interacts with others on her team and in her life.

Equally important is the transformation you‘ll see almost immediately in yourself, too, Mom. You’ll know exactly what to say and do to build confidence in your daughter and how to create the best possible environment for her success.

EMG is a gift I want for all athlete daughters and sports moms.

I am so excited to have you join us. If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to send me a personal message.

The mindset tools you’ll gain in EMG
are the same tools I would not coach
my own teams without.

It breaks my heart when I see female athletes quit because they’re comparing themselves to others, feeling like they’re not good enough, and stressing about the pressures to perform.

Mental game training has made all the difference for my athletes.

The information you’ll find inside EMG has helped thousands of moms to feel confident in their role as a sports mom …

… and thousands of daughters to play at their highest potential and love their sport again.

I believe that girls – like your
daughter – should get to experience
long-term success as athletes.

-  Ashley, sports mom to Ava and Addison, middle school soccer players & Elite Mental Game athletes

"In The Elite Mental Game, my girls gained the skills and tools to deal with difficult situations that come up - in sports and also in school and other relationships they have. I’ve seen tremendous growth in my girls and in myself. I now know my role as a sports mom and how to best encourage them before and after a game.”

don't just take our word for it...

I am so confident that your athlete daughter will play to her fullest potential and that you’ll know exactly how to build her confidence with EMG, that I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say yes to signing up!

The Elite Mental Game Guarantee gives you seven days to join and attend our opening Bounce Back In Snap Challenge risk free. 

If, after attending The Bounce Back In Snap Challenge, your daughter does not have a routine to recover quickly from mistakes and keep playing with confidence, and you don’t know how to best support her from the stands during setbacks …

Simply send an email to with the subject line ‘Guarantee,” and we’ll hit the brakes on building your athlete daughter’s confidence by initiating your exit from the program and refunding you in full.

Yep - I am that sure you’ll see the results you’ve heard me talk about.

Join the Elite Mental Game
completely risk-free

In the meantime, you might find what you’re looking for here in the FAQS

Send us a DM on Instagram, book a 15-minute Q & A call HERE, or email your Qs to with the subject line ‘Question,’ and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, M-F.

Questions? We’re here to help!

What if I have 2+ daughters?

Great news! When you purchase our program, we give it to your whole household. So, your daughters can both join, and it will not cost you extra.

Sons and spouses/partners are welcome too!

We just ask that you do not share EMG outside your household. (If you have a whole team who's interested, we have a special team package ... 30% discount for 10+ athletes who join together.)

Email us at with any questions.

How much time commitment is THE Elite mental game?

The Elite Mental Game... is a GAME! It includes 4 main training phases (plus a 5th on how to make the skills stick) that can be worked through at your own pace PLUS 12 weeks of live bonus support and coaching.

That means, you both can build the skills and get the results as fast as you want as you work through the 10-20 minute training videos and exercises.

Then your athlete will work to strengthen these mental skills with about 10 minutes per day of practice (such as breath work, visualizations, ect.) that can be done at her actual practices, before competitions, and even as she's brushing her teeth or riding to school.

So... it doesn't take much time to get big results!

How does The Elite Mental Game work?

The Elite Mental Game program is a really powerful, unique experience for both athletes and parents! It’s essentially two programs in one.

Once you join, both you and your daughter get immediate access to the program on the kick-off date (you have your side of the program and she has hers!). You’ll receive an email/text with your login details. You’ll access the “warm up” videos to get an overview of the program, print your playbooks, and put the live calls on your calendar!

You'll both jump into the Bounce Back In A Snap™ Challenge for your athlete to learn how to quickly recover from mistakes and for you to learn how to best support her in doing so! 

Afterwards, a new training will release each time your athlete completes a training until she works through all the lessons. We do this intentionally, as the lessons build on each other.

For parents, all material opens after you complete the first week. We still suggest you do the trainings in order but know that you may want to immediately access some of the Toolkit trainings, so we make them all available.

Both of you will earn points as you complete trainings and at certain points surprise gifts will unlock!

You have lifetime unlimited access to The Elite Mental Game trainings - so there’s no “getting behind” and you can revisit trainings in the future as you encounter new challenges and opportunities.

Plus, you also get the 12 BONUS weeks of unlimited Coach On Call text support and live coaching and support via our Athlete Level-Up Group Coaching Calls (2x/mo) and Sports Moms Inner Circle Community.

What type of athlete is The Elite Mental Game for?

The Elite Mental Game is for athletes who are passionate about their sport, who want to play with confidence and consistency, and love playing and competing.

Typically, they are between the ages of 11-18, but we've had both younger and older athletes find great success in the program!

Often, they are athletes who want to level up in their sport (that could mean making the 8th grade team, playing on varsity, making an elite travel team, beating their own past record, and more!) and are investing time and energy to up their physical skills and knowledge of the game... improving their mental game is the missing key!

AND... moms, this is for you too! You'll see things through a new lens and better communicate with (not coach from the sidelines) and support her daughter!

Some moms and daughters complete the program together, hand in hand, sharing along the way.

And others prefer to do their work individually and chat about specific things as they work through the trainings...

Both options work great; it's whatever works best for you and your daughter.

How do I get my daughter to ‘buy-in’ & want this program?

This is a great question and one we get frequently!

We know athletes are all at different levels of awareness and readiness when it comes to understanding and leveraging their mental game as their biggest competitive advantage.

Many female athletes feel like they “get in their own head” and can’t get out ... even though they try.

They feel like they play well in practice but not as well in competition. They feel like they always have to prove themselves to their coaches, teammates, and parents.

They want to be the go-to player on the team but struggle under pressure situations and are afraid to let others down.

Many want to play in college and have the skills, but just aren't performing to their potential and getting the looks they need. Others are absolutely crushing it, excelling on high level teams, exceeding everyone's expectations ... and yet:

They know they aren't playing their top game!

They're always looking for ways to improve and know working on their mental game will help them reach the next level.

This program is for both of these athletes and both can probably agree that they want to level-up in their sport -> make a higher team, play in college, or even just get more playing time or master a particular skill.

That's the angle for getting their buy-in!

Here's a Conversation Starter Guide for you. 

And a couple great podcast episodes just for her ->

How Mental Training Has Changed The Game For These Athletes

ATHLETE SPECIAL: Your Mental Game = Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

Plus - she can read all about The Elite Mental Game on this page, made specifically for our athletes!

How will I access the materials?

Both of you... plus any other athletes in your household and your partner/spouse, if you add them all - will have your own username and password, which will allow you to log into our members-only training portal here at

Inside the training portal, you'll find The Elite Mental Game - Athletes, The Elite Mental Game - Parents, Athlete Level-Up Calls, and Sports Moms Inner Circle. You'll also have access to any bonus trainings inside The Elite Mental Game.

The athlete and parent live call schedule and Zoom links are sent via text and also shared inside our Sports Moms Inner Circle. Then, replays will all be available in your training portal.

What if I/we can’t make it to the live calls?

The live calls are supplemental to the training material, so they are certainly not required in order to get results. You'll still receive personal engagement and coaching on responses inside the training portal and through our Coach On Call text support.

We do love seeing the athletes and moms on the calls and know it's valuable to get questions answered live!

You and your daughter can also email questions in ahead of time to and we'll be sure to answer them on the call. We then send out replays of each session so you can refer back to them at any time

Can I get my friends/ teammates in on this?

That would be awesome!

We just started an Ambassador Program for just that! You can quickly enroll HERE and then we’ll pay you $300 for anyone you refer!

Separately, we also offer a team/friend discount of 30% for 10+ families who join together. Just email us at to coordinate.

What is the refund policy?

The Elite Mental Game Guarantee gives you seven days to join and complete our opening Bounce Back In Snap Challenge risk free. 

If, after completing The Bounce Back In Snap Challenge, your daughter does not have a routine to recover quickly from mistakes and keep playing with confidence, and you don’t know how to best support her from the stands during setbacks …

Simply send an email to within seven days with the subject line ‘Guarantee,” and we’ll hit the brakes on building your athlete daughter’s confidence by initiating your exit from the program and refunding you in full.

What if I have a question not answered here?

Just DM us and let's chat! @elitecompetitorcoach on Instagram

You can also send an email to or book a 15min call HERE.

book a 15min discovery call
with Our team to get the answers

Need some extra
clarity on whether this is right for you & your daughter?

We have just the resource for you!

Not sure how to share this info with your athlete daughter?

And, Mom, you’ll know exactly what to say to encourage her before, during, and after her competitions!

Fear of failure
Fear of what others think
Fear of mistakes
Negative self-talk
Inconsistent performance
Crumbling under pressure
Not playing to potential
Nerves and anxiousness

By the end of the Elite Mental
Game, your daughter will
know how to overcome:

you've got this, mom!

When you join EMG, you’ll know exactly what to say and do to encourage & uplift your athlete daughter in every situation …and she’ll know exactly how to believe in herself and always play at her highest potential.

This is what EMG is all about.

This is why EMG is for athlete daughters and sports moms. Because how you think and talk about yourself directly impacts your daughter.

We want mental training and mindset tools for you both.

We want your daughter to not just overcome mistakes quickly in competitions - but in her everyday life, too.

We want more car rides home where the two of you are singing with the music turned up and enjoying food from your favorite post-game celebration stop.

We want more confident, happy, unstoppable, fearless girl athletes who absolutely crush it on (and off) the court …

… and more confident, happy, unstoppable, fearless sports moms who create the best environment possible for their daughters to succeed.

Sports mom: you have so much influence over your daughter’s confidence and how she thinks about herself – and, in turn, shows up to compete

If we can help by offering a more extended payment plan, reach out to

payment of $1,397

best deal

3 monthly
payments of $493

Most flexible

Your investment today:

Click HERE for our athlete page & to share this opportunity with your daughter!