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Following in her older sister's footsteps as a swimmer, Mia was starting to feel the same pressure from mom Shenique that ultimately drove her sister out of the sport. Mia blamed herself for the stress she was feeling and was overly self-critical when she didn’t perform to her own high expectations. It took a toll until Mia and her mom found a better way forward with The Elite Mental Game.

See How EMG Helped Shenique Rebuild The Mother-Daughter Bond


Nailing it in practice, doing 300 makes, but holding back and playing like a different athlete on the game day let sports dad Nathan know that Presley needed help to train her mental game. To help her achieve her dream of succeeding at an elite level, Presley didn’t hesitate to step up into the The Elite Mental Game and strengthen her greatest competitive advantage.

See How Sports Dad Nathan Gave His Daughter The Gift Of Confidence

HIGH School, Basketball

Volleyball player Amelia had big goals, but despite consistently excelling in practice, the pressure of competition often resulted in mistakes that got her sidelined. Recognising this as a pattern of behavior, Amelia’s coach suggested the missing piece to level up her performance was her mental game. Except he didn’t have the tools to help her. But The Elite Competitor did.

See How The Elite Mental Game helped Amelia level up her playing and mental game.


Reacting with anger when she made a mistake was how basketball player Sienna let her teammates know how much she cared. And her frustration on the court eventually turned into lashing out at her family in pre- and post-game irritation. Sports mom Holli knew her daughter desperately needed help with the mental side of being an elite competitor but didn’t know where to turn until she found The Elite Competitor.

See how Holli Helped her Daughter Build Confidence And resilience

Middle School, Basketball

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