#141: How To Train The Mental Game w/ D1 Beach Volleyball Player Kylie DeBerg

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We’ve said it before but for those new to The Raising Unstoppable Girls Podcast…🥁🥁

The Elite Competitor Program (ECP) is designed to grow with your girl athlete so she can apply mental training skills to anything she faces.. We discuss this benefit in the latest episode of the podcast with Louisiana State ClemsonUniversity’s D1 Beach Volleyball player Kylie DeBerg.

In this episode, Kylie shares her insights into how utilizing resources like those taught inside ECP has helped her level up by improving her mental game.

According to Kylie, beach volleyball is more mental than physical because games have no subs. She emphasizes the importance of positive self-talk and mindfulness, even working with a sports psychologist weekly to stay present and focused on the moment.

Kylie also shares how parental support has been crucial for her, a point that is stressed inside The Elite Competitor Program so that parents can avoid being second coaches. We teach you what to say and what not to say and even supply scripts to help you navigate your role as your daughter’s biggest supporter.

When asked about staying motivated, Kylie shares that she and her team focus on the idea that they “get to” play the sport and be there for practice rather than feeling like they “have to” do it. Kylie even lets us in on her future goals.

Key takeaways from this episode include the importance of communication, role acceptance, and positivity in sports. Kylie even shares some advice for aspiring and returning female college athletes. 

Episode Highlights:

[00:00:00] Our Elite Competitor Program athletes put in work, and today we’re recognizing Izzie, a remarkable girl athlete in our community! Tune in to learn why The ECP celebrates athletes’ hard work and dedication

[00:04:11] Get to know Kylie Deberg, the Louisiana State University Powerhouse tearing up the volleyball court. Kylie shares her inspiring sports journey, from playing multiple sports to focusing on volleyball and her college career. Need proof that hard work and determination make dreams come true? Listen to Kylie’s story!

[00:07:14] Competitive sports is as much a mental game as physical; Kylie underscores the crucial role of mental toughness in beach volleyball, where there are no subs! 

[00:08:53] The ability to bounce back from setbacks while competing is something that The Elite Competitor Program stresses. Kylie embodies this philosophy in her “Next Point Mindset”. Tune in to hear how this mindset has helped Kylie level up her game.

[00:11:55] What do skills like breath work and mindfulness have to do with competitive sports? Tune in as Coach Bre and Kylie share how incorporating these two skills into their training routine helps girl athletes relax and perform better.

[00:14:56] When your daughter makes a mistake on the field, does she bounce back quickly or beat herself up? Kylie talks about the importance of positive self-talk and how it has helped her feel lighter and better equipped to choose confidence.

[00:16:47] From elementary to college, parents and caregivers are an athlete’s most significant source of support–if you’ve ever wondered if your presence was a help or hindrance to your girl athlete, Kylie shares her thoughts on the subject, while Coach Bre explains how ECP can help you say the right things at the right time during stressful times.

[00:22:29] Even a D1 player gets the pre-game jitters– Listen as Kylie shares how she deals with it, including talking to her peers and acknowledging her feelings. 

[00:24:01] Here, Coach Bre and Kylie De Berg discuss the strategy of naming emotions, which can decrease the intensity of the feeling by 50%.

[00:26:29] The Elite Competitor Program Prepares athletes for the pressure they will deal with at every point in their journey; Kylie and Coach Bre discuss reframing your thoughts to turn pressure into a competitive edge.

[00:29:49] Leveling up mentally is only half the battle; Join us to discuss navigating the world of teammates and coaches and how others impact your mental health and performance.

[00:35:25] Curious about how a D1 athlete prepares to compete? Kylie shares her pre-game routine involving breathing exercises and collaborating with her teammates. Coach Bre shares why pre-game preparation is a cornerstone of The Elite Competitor Program. 

[00:36:33]Does your daughter have aspirations of playing at the next level?? Tune in as Kylie shares her advice for aspiring and returning female college athletes. 


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Kylie shares her insights into how utilizing resources like those taught inside ECP has helped her level up by improving her mental game.

How To Train The Mental Game w/ D1 Beach Volleyball Player Kylie DeBerg

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