#140 Athlete Tip: Do This To Be More Confident In Your Next Competition

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Confidence and peak performance during competitions are not elusive superpowers that girl athletes must anxiously wait for. On the contrary, they are choices within your daughter’s grasp.

In the latest episode of The Raising Unstoppable Girl Athletes Podcast, Coach Bre shares tips on unlocking the power of confidence to help girl athletes excel. Whether it’s soccer, gymnastics, basketball, or track and field, this podcast shares tips on activating the power of choice to excel. 

Here’s a sneak peek into this week’s episode:  

Choosing To Be Ready

Have you ever wondered how confident athletes like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese walk into any competition with their full confidence on display? The secret lies in the power of choice.

They consciously choose to embody their brand of confidence, recognizing its immense impact on their performance. Their unwavering belief in themselves is a testament to the fact that confidence is not a result of luck or circumstance but a deliberate decision. This episode will help your daughter find her brand of confidence. 

How Confidence and Nervousness Can Coexist

Can two conflicting emotions really coexist at the same time?

You bet they can, and the beauty is when your daughter learns how to manage both feelings, she’s on her way to becoming unstoppable. 

Coach Bre sheds light on a powerful phenomenon that perplexes girl athletes and mothers inside The Elite Competitor Program: the coexistence of confidence and nervousness. Instead of teaching our girls how to overcome emotions, we’re flipping the script and teaching them how to use the full range of their feelings to fuel performance.

This episode also shares tips on sharpening the most potent tool in your daughter’s arsenal: her ability to master her mindset and release the pressure by letting go of the outcome. 

Raising Unstoppable Girl Athletes doesn’t happen by accident, so we’re here with resources, tools, and a program to support your daughter. Ready to help your girl level up her game? 

Tune into this week’s episode and remember to rate, comment, and leave a review. 

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Episode Highlights: 

[00:02:59] The secret’s out confidence is a choice. Here’s how you can choose to be ready, even when feeling nervous or unsure. Coach Bre reveals how athletes can make this choice and be confident in any situation.

[00:05:56] Is your daughter feeling anxious about the outcome of competitions? Tune in to learn a powerful technique that can help her release control of the outcome and focus on what matters most.

[00:01:42] Is it possible to feel two conflicting emotions simultaneously and still thrive? Coach Bre challenges this belief and reveals how athletes can feel nervous and confident simultaneously.

[00:07:39] Your daughter can tap into a natural superpower. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how she can release control and focus on what truly matters during game time. This tip will help her on and off the field. 

[00:07:39] How important is the skill of mastering your mindset in competitive sports? Here we discuss what your daughter can do when she feels powerless in competitions. Coach Bre shares a technique that will help her focus on what she can control and master her mindset, no matter the circumstances.


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In the latest episode of The Raising Unstoppable Girl Athletes Podcast, Coach Bre shares tips on unlocking the power of confidence to help girl athletes excel.

Do This To Be More Confident In Your Next Competition

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