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Wondering how you can support your athlete when she’s overly self-critical? This episode’s for you!

Being a sports mom is a unique and challenging journey, especially when you find out that your young athlete is being too hard on herself. This situation can leave you feeling helpless and wondering if you’re saying the right things. You must be wondering, “What can I do?”

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Coach Bre reveals the secrets to fostering confidence in girls as they navigate the competitive world of sports. We dissect the mental hurdles that can trip up even the most promising athletes, from the fear of failure to the sting of tough coaching and team drama. This replay of our current live free training swings open the door to strategies that transform these challenges into opportunities for growth, teaching parents how to support their daughters in building resilience and mastering their mental game.

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Are you wondering how you can help boost your daughter’s confidence before she steps onto the field or court? If so, you’re in the right place!

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to win not just once, but three times in a row at the state level in high school volleyball? I’ve had the unique privilege of coaching the Columbia River High School volleyball team to three consecutive state championships. Today, let’s dive into the stories of Macy, Lauren, and Logan, our senior captains, and explore the significant role mental training played in our victories.

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Are you ready to elevate your athlete’s mental game?

Welcome to the world of elite sports psychology, where the mental game is just as important as physical prowess. Today, I’m thrilled to take you behind the scenes of our groundbreaking mental training program, the Elite Mental Game (EMG), specifically designed for athletes and their parents. Let’s dive into why EMG is a game-changer in sports psychology and how it empowers both athletes and their parents!

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Is your young athlete ready for mental training?

As parents and coaches in the world of young athletes, we often focus heavily on physical skills and training. But what about the mental aspect of sports? How do you know if your young athlete is ready for mental training?

Let’s dive into three key signs that indicate it’s time to start focusing on this crucial element of their development.

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Are you training the mental game for your athlete?

In competitive sports, the physical aspect often overshadows an equally crucial component: the mental game. But what happens when coaches don’t focus on this aspect? In this episode, I share insights from Darcy, a sports mom, and her daughter Whitney, a 15-year-old competitive figure skater, about their journey in training the mental side of athletics.

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Do you want to help your athlete boost her game day confidence? In this episode of the Raising Elite Competitors podcast, we’re diving into the number one way to achieve just that!

And avoid three harmful mistakes that hurt your daughter’s confidence.


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