#197: Getting Your Daughter ‘On Board’ With Mental Training. How This Mom Did It!

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Welcome back to the Raising Elite Competitors podcast!

Whether you’re just getting into sports or you have a lot of seasons under your belt, you can raise a confident, mentally strong girl athlete. This is exactly what Malinda discovered inside our signature mentor training program.

But how did she even get here? Was the journey long? What can we learn from her nuggets of experience?

Recognizing the Need

Malinda recounts the challenges her daughter faced during volleyball tryouts and the emotional impact of not making the team while all her friends made it. It dawned on her that there was nothing she could say that would make her daughter feel better.

After a Google search, she found the Elite Mental Game and figured out right away that mental training is exactly what her daughter needs – except that McKenna was not as excited as she was!

Overcoming Resistance

As moms, we can relate to Malinda’s frustration, right? But instead of being deterred, she dove in and did both the athlete and parent side of the program.

The aha moments that came one after another kept her going, especially when she discovered how mental training could do so much more in building a connection with her daughter.

Embracing Personal Growth

Malinda’s journey with the ECP turned out to be for her personal growth first. She focused on herself, what her control blows are, and what she needed to do about these. She was taking ownership of the situation.

Using the tools available in the program, her mindset shifted wherein she focused on a process-oriented approach and reframing their discussions around effort rather than the outcomes.

Observing Positive Changes

As Malinda delved into the program, she began to witness remarkable changes in McKenna’s attitude and performance as well. The more that she focused on the process of building her mental game, the more that her emphasis on playing shifted.

Among the changes that Malinda noticed at home were the following:

  • She became more focused on the effort used in a situation rather than the outcome.
  • She started to look at the things that her kids were doing in the present.
  • She paid attention to her kids’ sport and academic life.
  • She became more conscious of the things she would say in a situation.
  • She was more careful with her demeanors and facial expressions.

Transforming Family Dynamics

Beyond sports, Malinda also noticed a significant shift in their family dynamic and communication patterns. Before McKenna joined the program, she was already showing changes with the words she used or the responses she displayed.

As for Malinda, she felt relieved knowing that she may not be able to control what her daughter says, but she can control what she’s going to respond.

She also realized how important her thought patterns are knowing that these thoughts will become words that impact her kids.

Getting Her Daughter on Board

Malinda’s consistency in applying the lessons from the ECP finally encouraged McKenna to also enroll in the program.

Now that she’s on board, McKenna is already utilizing the different tools available at her disposal, especially when she experiences failures, a missed service, or the thought of losing self-confidence.

Rewards of Mental Training

What are the rewards of mental training that both sports moms and athlete daughters could receive in the ECP?

  • Regained Confidence

In sports, confidence does not just come from the feeling that you have done all the needed preparations before a game. It also comes with knowing that even when you failed despite the preparation, you can recover from that failure.

  • More Responsible Personality

The routines learned from the ECP could flow to other areas of our lives. Our kids could learn to manage their emotions even when they’re in school or doing chores. The athletes learn to own up to their responsibilities.

  • Deeper Relationship with Kids

Because you would be in this program with your child, you will be able to say the right words and do the right things with her. For some moms like Malinda, you could build a deeper friendship with your daughters too.

In the end, Malinda’s journey with McKenna exemplifies the transformative power of mental training in sports and beyond. By embracing a holistic approach and prioritizing personal growth, Malinda not only empowered her daughter but also strengthened their bond as a family.

As parents, we can support our children’s athletic journey while nurturing their mental well-being every step of the way. You are your child’s best ally when it comes to building her mental stamina. So be in your best.

If you want to explore the different tools that you could use to increase your child’s athletic mindset, feel free to check out the Elite Mental Game.

Episode Highlights: 

[00:00:19] Whether you’re just getting into sports or have many seasons under your belt, you can raise a confident, mentally strong girl athlete, just like what Malinda discovered inside our signature mentor training program.  

[00:03:59] Is there anything helpful you could say to your athlete daughter when she was cut from her tryout despite all her preparations? How would you feel when she suddenly announced that she would never play that game again? Listen in as Malinda shares how she navigated this heartbreak.

[00:06:21] When your daughter is not quite keen about joining the ECP but you know how transformative the program will be, our tools can help you with the buy-ins.

[00:07:18] But even if your kid is not a hundred percent bought in at first, it’s still alright because half of the program is for you and how you need to understand your role in this.

[00:08:17] As an athlete mom, you could still dive into the ECP despite your kids not being convinced, because they will soon notice the changes in your reaction. Malinda shared how even her whole household changed when she started to shift her focus and use our available tools.

[13:05:00] One of our tools in the ECP works like a failure recover system wherein athletes find a way to respond to moments of failure in such a way that increases their confidence from knowing that they have made the best preparations.

[15:48:00] Are you still on the fence of joining the ECP? Tune in as Malinda talked about how she started from being outside the fence to making the shift and discovering a game-changing path for her, her daughter, and her whole family.

[17:24:00] Have you also reached a point in your life when you wished that your daughter will just quit her sports because it has been adding so much stress to her and your whole family? Tune in as Malinda navigated through this heartbreaking experience with the ECP and discovered a different approach for parents who want to change the directory of their daughter’s athletic life. 

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