Strengthen your                          team’s mental game in less than 10 minutes a week.


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Our team mental training programs give coaches the tools they need to implement effective and science-backed mental training into your team — without spending a ton of time or money.


No experience necessary

Have parents causing fewer problems

Support each other in their mental health

Be distinguished from other clubs

Enjoy the season

Play to their full potential

And instead see your team…

Navigating parent and teammate drama

Wasting precious time on playing time issues

Getting athletes to believe in themselves

Dealing with girls spiraling after mistakes

What if you could spend less time…


End the chaotic cycle.

Let’s work together to transform your team’s mental game.


Get to know our different program options. But don’t worry too much about deciding on the best one for you — we’ll help you do that!




We like to get to know our Club Directors and/or Coaches before we work together so we can recommend the best program for your team.

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Deciding to prioritize mental strength on your team is the first step in transforming your team’s culture, attitude, and mental game.

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3 Steps to A Mentally Stronger Team

Mental training doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ll meet your team where you’re at with a variety of program and payment options that best fit your needs and budget.

Parents don’t want to pay.

The good news… mental training doesn’t take a lot of time and we make it easy for you! We’ll give you exactly what you need for anything you’ll be facilitating - could be as little as 10 minutes or less a week. And no prior experience or training is required of you!

I don’t have enough time.

But what if...

You get to do what you love and are good at — coaching! — while we help your athletes develop mental strength, believe in themselves, and enjoy playing their sport.


You coach
their sport.
Let us coach
their minds.