#62: 3 Ways Your Daughter Can Train Her Mind Even When She’s Super Busy

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Your athlete daughter is likely busier than ever before. School, practice, social life, work. 

You see the importance of mental training, but there are a lot of things to be done. How do we fit it in? Your daughter trains four days a week, and you know she needs mental training but would she be able to squeeze her time without over doing herself?

Thankfully, there are ways to get a “bang for your buck” when it comes to mental training.

Why spend time on mental training in a busy schedule?

Mental training needs a little initial investment but provides benefits over time. 

I like to think of it in the same way that I think of meal preparation.

I spend a little effort at the start of the week preparing my meals and gathering supplies to SAVE time afterward. It saves me time from rushing around and getting worried. Plus, it saves me money by not having to dine out.

Investing a little time now saves time later. Mental training operates in the same manner.

Athletes must devote some time NOW to pre-load certain abilities to save time afterward. Either way, the time will be spent.

Would you rather spend time now doing some mental training or later in the vehicle attempting to convince her she’s good enough? Or later when she feels being locked in the same circle and does not realize her full potential?

Put a yes if you’d rather invest the time now rather than squander it later! If that’s your answer here are 3 ways your daughter can train her mind even when she’s busy.

These are the fundamental ideas and abilities that we teach in ECP.

1. Breathwork

It’s not frequently taught! This is something that ECP teaches players. Every day, we breathe, yet many athletes are unaware of how powerful their breath is.

Athletes must understand how to harness the power of their breath. Especially when they are feeling unbalanced, tense, apprehensive, or out of sync. They can do it anywhere and anytime.

Knowing how to breathe properly enables athletes to focus. It makes individuals feel more grounded, peaceful and focused. They can use breathing techniques to calm their nerves or hype them up.

2. Mantras

Every day, we say roughly 50,000 things to ourselves. Our perceptions shape our world. It is critical to provide regular input of mantras that are in sync with who we desire to become. Whatever our thoughts are, our brains are listening. 

Mantras/affirmations are effective in providing athletes with a foundation on which they can rely. And when they think positively and say affirmations, it helps them while they are struggling.

In the Elite Competitor Program, we provide athletes with affirmations, mantras, and scenario planning so that they arrive prepared and confident. It just takes a few seconds to say a mantra, and ECP athletes have them plastered throughout their rooms so they can see them. Especially at times when they are alone.

3. Visualization

Visualization is a special ability. Our brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. As a result, when athletes envision themselves performing something, they are gaining mental repetitions.

They are self-assured because “they’ve been there before.”

In ECP, we teach athletes how and when to envision. I am a performance visualization professional who has received certification; it’s important to seek help from a professional to properly do visualization.

Visualization may be helpful with as little as 2 minutes of practice each day, but it must be done intentionally and correctly.

  • Breathwork
  • Mantras
  • Visualization 

These three things will significantly increase her performance in her sport. They require very little time and produce enormous returns. And in ECP, we teach athletes how to perform all these 3 things through a tried-and-true system.

Doors are currently open till April 1st! We already have a fantastic group of mothers and athletes on board. 

Our eight-week program drops one module per week. It is released on Sundays and is 30 to 45 minutes long. We recommend that people follow through with completing one module per week for those eight weeks, but they don’t have to because they have lifelong access to all of the course modules. Since the module will be released on Sunday, we encourage athletes to set aside time to accommodate this into their plans. They can choose one day a week to conduct their mental training module for eight weeks.

Athletes who are currently enrolled in or have graduated from the Elite Competitor Program managed to fit it into their schedules by using these fun strategies:

Time blocking. 

Athletes can pick one day a week to do their mental training module, which is just 30 to 45 minutes long. For example, if they have free time on Tuesday they can schedule an hour on Tuesday and finish the module.

Fun date night. 

Moms can also add a little bit of fun to going over modules by making it a date night just like what one of our Moms did. You can read and do exercises in the modules together with your daughter on a specific day in a week.

Listen to modules like a podcast. 

There are tasks in the modules for athletes to complete, but if they’re on the run, they can definitely plug in their airbuds and be on their way to simply listen to the modules as if it were a podcast. That’s excellent since they’re still learning about it. And the best part is that our membership platform is also available as an app. As a result, users can immediately discover it on their phone, plug it in, and listen to it just like a podcast.

Do one thing a day. 

Although athletes have lifetime access to these modules, it is still better if they do it one day at a time. Doing something in one day that is good for you is better than doing nothing at all.

Hundreds of athletes who have finished the Elite Competitor Program have found a way to fit it into their very busy schedules. 

We know that mental training enables your daughter to attain her full potential and create confidence in her life. We must prioritize it. We must dedicate time for it.


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