#189: An Honest Review of The Elite Mental Game From Sports Moms Who’ve Been There

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Youth sports are a fantastic way for kids to learn teamwork, dedication, and the thrill of competition.

But let’s be honest, it’s not always easy! That’s why we’re turning to the real experts – moms who’ve witnessed firsthand how mental toughness makes all the difference. They’re ready to share their secrets for raising athletes who can handle the pressure, bounce back from setbacks, and find true joy in the game.

The Foundation of Confidence and Mental Grit

First, let’s talk about the heart of athletic success – mental strength. It’s fascinating to hear one mom describe the program’s impact: “Half of it is for athletes to learn how to develop their mental games. So, they learned all the foundations of how to develop a strong mental game.” This isn’t just training; it’s a transformative experience that empowers athletes to trust in their abilities and navigate the pressures of their sport with confidence.

Transforming Parenting Approaches

Being a parent of a young athlete is an incredible journey – and a responsibility we take seriously. This program will transform how you nurture your athlete’s growth. Learn how to build unshakeable confidence, identify the subtle ways we might unintentionally undermine our kids, and create a supportive environment where they can truly thrive. Discover how to shift your perspective from over-managing to empowering, helping your athlete develop the mental resilience to reach their full potential – in the game and beyond.

Handling Pressure with Finesse

The world of sports tests both the body and the mind. Athletes face immense pressure, competing not only against others but also against their own doubts. This program arms them with the mental tools they need to conquer those inner battles.  One powerful strategy is the “alter ego” – think of it like your child channeling their inner Clark Kent, transforming into a fearless competitor on the field. This shift in mindset helps them face challenges with unstoppable confidence, tapping into the strength and courage that lies within.

Mastery Through Visualization and Snapback

Hearing about a basketball player’s journey with the program is nothing short of inspiring. One mom shares, “We were primarily searching for solutions to be confident. So that’s how we got here, and we’ve been part of the program now for a couple of years.” This is where visualization and the snapback routine come into play, pivotal tools that have helped her daughter not just in her sport but in life, illustrating the profound, far-reaching impact of mental skills training.

Techniques like visualization, controlled breathing, and positive self-talk can dramatically improve an athlete’s performance. For instance, a basketball player’s routine involving visualization and a “snapback” method – refocusing the mind post-mistake – can lead to remarkable improvements on the court.

The Synergy of Family and Sports

Success in sports is a team effort – athletes, coaches, and parents working together to build confidence and resilience. This program isn’t just about transforming your athlete; it’s about strengthening your parent-child bond. Learn the strategies your young athlete needs for mental toughness, while discovering how YOU can be their ultimate teammate. Together, you’ll create a supportive environment where everyone grows and thrives.

Empowering Athletes to Take the Helm

One of the most important takeaways from these conversations is the power of letting our young athletes take the lead in their sports journey. Instead of always telling them what to do, we need to step back and let them figure things out. This helps them become better problem-solvers, understand their own feelings, and feel more confident when facing challenges. And those skills don’t just help them in sports – they’ll make a difference in all areas of their lives.

Witnessing the Transformation

While experiences vary, parents consistently report seeing positive changes in their athletes after starting this program. These transformations can often happen quickly, with parents noting improvements in their child’s confidence and mindset.

Here’s what a few parents had to say:

“My son instantly. He was instant because I had tried to sell what’s your webinar?… So we go to one game, and I’m trying to explain it to him, and he’s looking at me like just lady okay got my word whatever leave me alone. They might play do this normal breakdown. So when Wesley got enrolled, I actually played the whole first I think it’s like four lessons I just the whole snapback because you break it up. We played the whole thing on the way to football, we sat in the car and finished the whole lesson.” – Shay

“I would say it probably was in the first maybe three weeks or so because a lot of her practices at the time or her coach yelling at her, you know, tell her, she can leave and whatever, you know, you can go go, you know, I can see in her face that, you know, we’re normally she would just break down, like I can see her start to do the breathing, you know, like so she’s doing the breathing.” – April

“Gosh, I feel like depending on which of those toolsets that we’ve just kind of shared about, some of them were so quick. I mean, you can expect to see results if they’re willing to learn about it and put it right into practice. Within a week, within a few days – just how quick they’re willing to dive in and make those changes for themselves.” – Kym

These firsthand accounts highlight the program’s effectiveness and demonstrate just how powerful mental training can be – for athletes and their families.

Tailoring the Mental Game

Every athlete is unique, and their mental training needs to reflect their individuality. Whether it’s using alter egos to boost confidence or specific routines to enhance focus, the program offers a variety of tools that parents and coaches can adapt to fit the needs of their young athletes, ensuring they’re equipped to handle the psychological demands of their sport.

The Verdict: A Game-Changer for Athletes and Families

If you’re a parent of a young athlete, it’s clear that programs like The Elite Mental Game can be transformative. By focusing on mental skills training alongside physical abilities, athletes develop the resilience and confidence to handle the pressures of sports and thrive in life. The program doesn’t just provide tools for athletes; it empowers parents with the knowledge to nurture and guide their young sporting champs.

Is it right for YOUR athlete? Ultimately, that’s a decision you’ll need to make. But if you’re ready to help your child build unshakeable confidence, conquer setbacks, and discover a deeper joy in their sport, this program is definitely worth exploring. Just as the moms I spoke with discovered, it might just be the secret weapon that takes your athlete’s game (and life) to the next level. Good luck!

Episode Highlights: 

[00:00] Mental strength and confidence in athletes with sports moms. Interviews with sports moms who have completed the program share their experiences and the positive changes they’ve seen in themselves and their daughters.

[07:41] Rewiring minds for parenting athletes.

[12:21] Parental support for children’s mental growth in sports.

[14:35] Sports mental training and its impact on a high school athlete.

[17:33] Mental toughness and self-awareness in sports.

[19:39] Managing pressure and nerves in sports.

[23:07] Using alter egos to improve mental toughness in sports.

[27:11] Basketball player’s improvement with visualization and snapback routine.

[29:33] Mental skills training for athletes with parents and coaches.

[32:16] Parenting and personal growth with a teenage girl.

[34:04] Parenting and mental strength for kids.

[37:07] Mental preparation for sports performance.

[38:44] Training length and speed of results in a program.

[40:38] Using a basketball program for personal growth.

[43:23] Parent’s experience with teaching mental toughness to their kids in sports.

[45:18] Impact of coach’s behavior on athlete’s performance and relationship with mother.

[46:16] Parenting and coaching a teenage athlete.

[51:31] Parenting and mental training for a child’s sports success.

[56:00] Parenting and letting kids lead their own journey.

[58:08] Mental preparation for sports games.

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