#138: Your Daughter Is Not Immune to the Hard Times – How to Prepare Her w/ Sports Mom Ashley

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Today, we’re releasing another episode of The Raising Unstoppable Girls Podcast.

We have a special treat; Ashley Angelico joins us to discuss why she chose The Elite Competitor Program for her daughter, Hadley a Level 6 Gymnast. Ashley is an excellent representation of the type of sports moms juggling careers and active children in our community.

In this interview, Ashley shares her experience enrolling Hadley in The Elite Competitor Program (ECP) and plans to use the skills and resources to support her daughter in overcoming the pressures and mental blocks often come with gymnastics.

Ashley sees ECP as a proactive approach to caring for Hadley’s mental health, stating that mental conditioning is as essential as doctor visits and physical training. Another benefit of the program that Ashley is excited about is the community of other sports moms. 

We also get serious about juggling the demands of a busy career and competitive sports with multiple children. 

ECP provides a framework for parents to:

✓ Build Your Daughter’s Confidence & Mental Game

✓ Stop Comparing Herself To Others

✓ Recover Quickly From Mistakes 

✓ Level-Up Performance

With all that Ashley has going on, she still believes ECP is worth the investment of time, money, and energy and we agree!

Not sure if The Elite Competitor Program is for you? Join our FREE Training for Sports Moms – How to Strengthen Your Athlete Daughter’s Mental Game so She Believes in Herself as Much as You Do!

Episode Highlights: 

[00:00:47] Get to know Ashley as she shares the exhilarating journey of her level six gymnast daughter Hadley. Learn how this sports mom is preparing her daughter to meet the challenges young competitors face. 

[00:05:06] Does your daughter struggle with perfectionism? Tune in as Ashley and Coach Bre discuss The Unstoppable Athlete Method and how it can help your daughter manage these feelings in sports and life. 

[00:07:51] Have you been researching The Elite Competitor Program? Listen as Ashley explains why our holistic approach to equipping girls with the tools and resources to care for their mental and physical health attracted her to the program.  

[00:09:18] Part of Raising An Unstoppable Girl Athlete is giving her the tools to face challenges head-on. Ashley and Coach Bre discuss the importance of frontloading skills to prepare girls for the mental blocks and pressure they will inevitably face.

[00:11:07] Aspiring athletes know that sacrifice is an inevitable part of their journey. But what about the families supporting them? How do they balance the demands of competitive sports with the needs of multiple children? Learn more about The Elite Competitors Program benefits for athletes and their families.

[00:16:47] Are you considering The ECP for your daughter but concerned about getting her on board? Ashley shares how she got buy-in from her daughter and her family.

 [00:18:39] As your daughter matures in her sport, she’ll need to revisit different modules in the program. Coach Bre shares why lifetime access to the program is vital to performance over the years. 

[00:21:02] Is your side-line cheerleading or game day “pep talks” falling flat? Join Ashley and Coach Bre for an insightful conversation about the delicate balance of pushing her daughters while maintaining a healthy bond through constructive feedback. 

[00:25:15] We know our girls can do amazing things on their own, but when they’re equipped with the tools included in ECP, the sky’s the limit. 

Ashley shares her excitement about taking The ECP journey to  help her daughter achieve her goals. 

[00:30:13] Frustration in gymnastics or any other competitive sport is inevitable, so how do sports moms prevent their daughters from getting to the level of frustration that she has seen some girls get to in gymnastics? Tune in for these tips!

[00:32:25] Want to connect with Ashley and learn more about her experience with The Elite Competitor Program? Ashley shares her social media channels and how she’s spreading the word about The ECP.


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