#137: Why The Elite Competitor Program Works & Revealing The Magic No One Else Is Doing

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There Wasn’t A Holistic Program For Raising Unstoppable Girl Athletes So We Created One!

If you’ve landed on this website, we’re willing to bet that you are an ambitious mom or caregiver determined to raise an equally ambitious girl. If so, Coach Bre is speaking to you in this week’s Raising Unstoppable Girls Podcast episode.

Coach Bre is breaking down the skills taught in The Elite Competitor Program, the first program that takes a holistic approach to supporting your unstoppable girl athlete. 

As a mom and caregiver, I bet you can relate to spending countless hours cheering on your athlete.

You noticed her natural athleticism, drive, and the fierceness that competitive sports provided for her at an early age, from driving her to practices to investing in the best equipment and coaches. 

Her goals are yours, and you’ll stop at nothing to support her. 

But as your daughter matures in competitive sports, you notice a shift. She’s not as confident as she used to be. She’s hesitant to speak up in practice or on the field during game day. She is struggling to find her place in the competitive world of sports.

You try to be supportive, cheering her on and trying to motivate her from the sidelines, but you can’t connect with her. You must learn how to help her navigate the challenges of being a young woman in sports, especially in a world filled with social media expectations, demanding coaches, and continuous commentary that takes her off her game. 

Let’s face it; there is no playbook for raising a daughter, and nothing has prepared you with the skills you need to develop a confident girl athlete until now!  

In this episode, you’ll learn how The Elite Competitor Program uses its signature framework backed with science to support female athletes with the tools they need to:

✅Shake off mistakes and bounce back quickly
✅Release the pressure they put on themselves
✅Flip their negative mindset

While teaching sports moms how to: 
✅Communicate effectively with their daughter
✅Help their athletes through the ups and downs in their sport
✅Enjoy the journey

Plus, in this episode you’ll hear about the experiences from other athletes and moms just like you who have gone through the program.

🧠Coach Bre is breaking down The ECP week by week and giving you the inside scope on the skills you and your athlete will learn during this 10-week mental training program.  

Ready to learn more about the only program rooted in sport psychology and brain research?

Want a taste of Coach Bre’’s style to see how she delivers ECP in an engaging format that parents love while speaking to middle schoolers up to collegiate-level athletes? 

Tune into The Raising Unstoppable Girl Athletes Podcast or Learn more about  The Elite Competitor (ECP) Program:


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