#125: Keys To Enjoying Your Kid’s Sports Journey Without The Stress w/ Mom Lara + Gymnast Coco

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Are you watching your daughter enjoy her sport, but you always feel like a nervous wreck watching her play? Does it seem like everyone else is having a calm and laid back experience with her sports journey but you?

Today, we’re talking about how a stressful sports journey can become an enjoyable one for both you and your daughter. We had the pleasure of talking with two members of the Elite Competitor community, sports mom Lara and her gymnast daughter, Coco, about their experience.

Lara + Coco’s Backstory

Lara decided that starting the Elite Competitor Program would be a good idea when she realized her sports mom journey was filled with anxiety and nerves while watching Coco compete. She especially noticed this about herself by watching her husband’s reaction to Coco’s competitions. After noticing he had a calm nature and feelings of enjoyment when it came to watching Coco compete, Lara realized she wanted that, too.

Of course, Coco didn’t pick up on the fact that her mom was feeling this way. But when Lara brought the idea to Coco for them to both go through the program together, Coco was on board. Lara explained to Coco that the program would help her better understand her mental game. Coco said, “why not?” and they both jumped in.

Coco competes at a high level, and she’s been competing for a long time. Through the program, Coco realized she was struggling with perfectionism. Before the program, whenever she made a mistake she would get really down on herself and start to believe she wasn’t good enough. Coco was in a spiral of always trying to be perfect, but this mindset wasn’t doing her any favors.

What Lara + Coco Have Learned

After starting the program, Coco noticed she wasn’t looking to be perfect in everything anymore. Instead, she started to believe in herself and found the courage to take risks more often. Now, she’s not as scared to make mistakes, and when she makes them, they don’t throw her off as much. Coco is now better equipped to learn from mistakes and move on. Lara shares that she’s noticed these things in Coco, too.

For Lara, she really enjoyed learning how to “stay in her lane” as Coco’s mom. She shares that she now finds freedom in being able to fulfill her role as mom, and that she doesn’t have to try to play any other role, such as “coach” or “teammate.” She’s learned to let go of control and trust that because Coco works so hard, mentally and physically, she’s got it.

Since starting the program together, Lara and Coco’s relationship has grown. Lara is less inclined to nag or nitpick at Coco, and this has allowed her to enjoy the process and give Coco more space. Coco shared that as a result, she feels less pressure from her mom, and she knows that her mom loves her and wants her to have fun no matter what the outcome is.

At the end of the day, that’s the best thing our athletes can feel!

To Wrap Up…

Lara shared that she’s grateful for the Elite Competitor Program community and the judgment-free environment she now has. Sports can be intense and time consuming for the whole family, so taking the pressure off and having a community to relate to throughout the process has been helpful and supportive for her. 

Lara + Coco, we’re so grateful to have you both in the community. We’re proud of you for all the hard work you’ve done and for the ways you continue to show up!


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