Keys to Raising a Secure, Confident Athlete. How This Mom is Doing it Inside The Elite Mental Game w/ Kym Donnelly

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to raise a secure, confident athlete?

We’ll delve into the journey of Kym, a mom who, along with her daughter Lila, experienced the transformative power of the Elite Mental Game program. This program is designed to illuminate the inner strengths and abilities of young athletes, helping them overcome mental obstacles and reach their full potential. Curious? Let me guide you through their story and reveal the secrets to nurturing a secure and confident athlete who excels both on and off the field! Let’s dive into this remarkable adventure and discover the keys to unlocking your athlete’s full potential.

Understanding Lila’s Struggles

Lila, Kym’s daughter, was an aspiring athlete who faced the immense pressure that comes with high-level competition. She had ambitious goals but grappled with her mental game, confidence, and overthinking. Her story resonates with many young athletes, where self-doubt and negative thoughts can hinder their progress.

Empowering Young Athletes

One of the most impactful aspects of Kym’s journey was the way the Elite Mental Game program empowered her daughter, Lila. Kym highlighted how the program illuminated Lila’s innate gifts, inner strengths, and abilities. It equipped Lila with the tools to harness her potential and boost her self-belief. Empowerment is a pivotal step in helping athletes achieve their full potential.

Balancing Roles as a Mom and Coach

Kym’s dual roles as a mom and coach provided her with unique insights into her daughter’s struggles. The program helped her identify and navigate these roles effectively. This balance between being a supportive parent and an understanding coach played a crucial role in Lila’s transformation.

Recognizing the Need for Change

Before embarking on the Elite Mental Game program, Kym noticed several signs that indicated Lila needed help. These signs included hesitations, overthinking, and a lack of self-confidence both on and off the court. Lila’s struggles became apparent during her sophomore year, prompting Kym to seek solutions.

Taking the First Steps

Kym and Lila initiated their journey with the program by participating in a free live webinar. The content strongly resonated with them, making them feel that it could provide the guidance they needed. However, before fully committing, they had some considerations and hesitations, particularly regarding the program’s time and financial investment.

Committing to Change

To make the program work, Kym and Lila committed to setting aside time each week. The program recommends dedicating 15 to 30 minutes weekly to complete the training. They established a commitment to prioritize this work alongside Lila’s physical training, understanding the importance of balancing both aspects of her development.

Presenting the Opportunity to the Athlete

Kym presented the program to Lila in a way that emphasized the importance of her commitment. They made a verbal agreement to put in the necessary effort and time, understanding that this investment would pay off in the long run. Kym ensured that Lila understood the significance of the program and that it was an opportunity to help her reach her full potential.

Noticing Positive Changes

As Lila progressed through the Elite Mental Game program, Kym began to observe positive changes in her daughter. Lila’s on-court behavior and body language improved significantly. She started enjoying the game more and was visibly happier. The program empowered her to regain her confidence and rediscover the joy in her sport.

Investing in the Relationship

“I swear to God, you will not regret this investment in who you are, who she is and who you become outside of the program of the sport. Having gone through this. It’s just worth it.”  Kym viewed the program as an investment in her relationship with her daughter. She recognized the importance of supporting Lila’s mental development, just as they invested in her physical training. The program not only impacted Lila’s athletic performance but also strengthened the bond between mother and daughter.

The Bottom Line

Kym’s journey with the Elite Mental Game program highlights the keys to raising a secure, confident athlete. By recognizing the need for change, committing to the program, and investing in the athlete’s mental development, parents can help their children unlock their full potential. This transformation not only enhances their athletic performance but also strengthens the parent-child relationship. So, as a parent, why not bet on your athlete’s potential and empower them to shine on and off the field?

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] A mother’s experience with mental training program for high school athlete. Kym shares her experience with the elite mental game program and how it transformed Lila’s mental game, empowering her to recognize her own greatness and inner strengths. [05:09] A high school athlete’s lack of confidence and mental strength. Lila, a high school freshman athlete, struggles with confidence and self-doubt, despite her natural talent and physical effort. [10:18] Investing in a program to help a daughter overcome self-doubt in sports. Kym was hesitant to join the program due to considerations such as cost and effectiveness, but ultimately decided to enroll after finding the free live webinar informative and resonant with their experience. [14:59] Empowering a young athlete through a sports psychology program. Kym highlighted how the program empowered Lila to prioritize her enjoyment of the game and find a balance between competitiveness and fun as a teammate. [20:06] Investing in a child’s sports career and personal growth. Kym reflects on investing in their child’s mental and emotional well-being as a parent, recognizing the importance of relationships and the impact on their sport.

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