BONUS: The Go-To Goal Setting Activity That Actually Works

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Raise your hand if you’ve made some new year resolutions already?! Spoiler alert – they don’t work!

But you already know that… we’ve all been doing the New Year’s Resolutions thing for years at this point. And honestly, they don’t work because resolutions are just a convenient way to criticize ourselves. They typically are not building confidence in our female athletes or ourselves.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s around this time that I want to completely overhaul my routines. Start a strict diet regimen. Overexercise, etc. Most of these are born out of criticizing myself for my eating and lack of movement over the holidays.

I’m not saying you need to abandon your goals for the new year or anything. But, I DO want you to be really intentional and mindful about what you choose to focus on as the calendar changes from 2021 to 2022, especially as it relates to our daughters.

Remember – Part of our job as moms is to shape the environment for her.

Strict dieting, “all or nothing” mindsets around food and exercising, etc can model some behaviors that I see in athletes like perfectionism, being self-critical, and never feeling good enough.

We have a podcast coming out next week all around this topic – so look out for that.

I want you to do this one simple activity as you prepare for the new year as a way that both you and your daughter can be intentional together. This is actually the first part of our vision board workshop that we teach our athletes within the Elite Competitor Program.

Here’s an overview of what I’ll teach you in this podcast episode:

#1 – What is your vision for your daughter? (What is your greatest hope for her this year in her sport?)

Your Action – journal on this. What do you want for her?

#2 – What is your daughter’s vision for herself? (Who she want’s to be, what she values, and what she wants to accomplish this year)

Your Action – Ask her.

#3 – Share your vision with her! I’ll go into specifics on what to include/not include in your vision and why it’s SO important to share with her.

Having a powerful vision for your daughter and her having a powerful vision for herself is the first step… but it’s not going to come true without being intentional.

Here’s the truth:

If you’re not having conversations with her or about who she wants to become and surrounding her with people who encourage, inspire, and build up her confidence… then, the world will do a great job of determining who she should be and how she should show up.

The solution: 

She needs to see you do the work yourself by setting goals/visions for yourself and sharing your journey with her. It’s really important that this is an inspiring journey and not you criticizing yourself and encouraging perfectionism in yourself and your athlete.

She also needs to be surrounded by you and others – coaches, mentors, other athletes – who see her greatness and potential and help bring her vision to life. 

So, I want you to make it a point to talk to her about her vision, check in with her regularly, make it a point of conversation so you know where she’s at. And then surround her with others who are having the same conversations.

That’s exactly what we do in The Elite Competitor Program… In module 1, we set the vision, and then support the actions that are needed to achieve it by surrounding athletes with mentorship from us, accountability, and other athletes traveling a similar journey.

This is one way to build confidence in your daughter – when she has a powerful vision of who she can become and is taking the steps to get there.

If you want to learn more about the Elite Competitor Program or join the waitlist to be the first notified when doors open, go here:

I can’t wait to hear your visions and what you and your daughter are discovering together!

Happy New Year!
Breanne (& Kristina, too)

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