#182: Pre-Game Pep Talks That Actually Work To Help Your Athlete Daughter’s Confidence

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Are you wondering how you can help boost your daughter’s confidence before she steps onto the field or court? If so, you’re in the right place!

Today, we’ll talk about pre-game pep talks and discover how you effectively uplift your athlete daughter without adding unnecessary pressure. This conversation is important, as many well-meaning words can unintentionally cause more harm than good.

Transformative Power of Support

Let’s start with a heartwarming story from our community. A mom shared her experience with our Elite Mental Game Program, noting a dramatic improvement in communication with her daughter. Initially, her daughter barely spoke, but after starting the program and switching teams, she transformed! Just weeks into the program, the daughter began using the tools provided to navigate this transition, leading to better communication and a stronger bond. This story highlights the importance of having the right tools and support in place for both athletes and their parents.

Understanding Pre-Game Emotions

Now, let’s talk about pre-game pep talks.

It’s a delicate time, as your daughter might be feeling a mix of nerves, excitement, anxiety, and even irritability – it’s important that you understand these pre-game emotions. They show that she cares about the competition and feels the pressure to perform. However, she needs routine, consistency, and focus on what she can control. As a sports mom, your role is to create an environment where she can play without any extra worries.

So, what should you avoid? First, don’t overemphasize the game’s importance or overload her with reminders. Leave the technical coaching to her coach. Secondly, manage your own stress. Projecting your anxieties onto her can add to her burden.

Athletes’ Perspectives on Support

Hearing directly from athletes offers invaluable insights. For example, one athlete in our program shares the importance of being reminded to focus on controllable aspects, like being their best self. Another appreciated words of affirmation, emphasizing the significance of parental support. On the other hand, some preferred solitude before the game. These differences highlight the need to respect individual preferences.

Creating a Supportive Routine

A consistent routine can be very beneficial. Whether it’s a specific phrase, a special handshake, or a few minutes of visualization, what’s important is that you stay consistent and concentrate on controllable factors. Short, empowering messages are more effective than lengthy speeches.

Enhancing Communication

Improved communication is a cornerstone of athlete support. When athletes share their feelings and needs, it allows for better understanding and support. In our program, we have specific touchpoints where athletes and parents are encouraged to communicate about these aspects. Witnessing the positive results of this improved communication is truly rewarding.

The Role of Parents in Pre-Game Preparation

As a parent, you play a crucial role in shaping your athlete’s pre-game experience. It’s essential to check in with your feelings and stress levels. Are you projecting your anxieties onto your daughter? Finding ways to manage your stress can significantly impact her performance and overall experience.

Building a Pre-Competition Routine

Establishing a routine that both you and your athlete can rely on is crucial. It could be something simple yet consistent, offering a sense of stability and focus. In our program, we help athletes and parents craft routines that align with the athlete’s needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways for Effective Pep Talks

When talking to your athlete before a game, focus on what’s in her control. Avoid setting unrealistic expectations or focusing on outcomes beyond her control. Encouraging her to trust in her training and to give her best is far more empowering.

Leveraging Resources for Continued Support

Our free training for sports moms offers extensive resources, including a PDF with 25 key phrases to build confidence. These tools are designed to help you navigate the pre-game, during-game, and post-game phases effectively. Check out trainhergame.com for access to this training and the PDF.

The Bottom Line

Remember: Pre-game pep talks are all about balance. Acknowledge her feelings, provide consistent support, and focus on empowering her with what she can control. With these strategies, you’re well on your way to helping your daughter confidently compete in her sport. Remember, it’s not just about the game; it’s about nurturing her growth, both on and off the field. You can do it!

Episode Highlights: 

[00:00] Pregame pep talks for girl athletes. Discover tips for pre-game pep talks to help athletes play confidently without adding pressure.

[01:53] Pre-game pep talks and managing athlete’s emotions. Athletes may feel overwhelmed and dysregulated before competition, and provides tips for creating a consistent routine to help them focus on what’s in their control.

[05:47] Mental preparation for athletes before and during competition. Athletes also reflect on what they need for support before, during, and after competitions, including focus on being their best self.

[07:31] Athlete motivation and pre-game routines. Discover the importance of focusing on what’s in an athlete’s control, such as their mindset and behavior, rather than external factors like the competition or opponents.

[10:57] Pre-game routines for athletes and parents. Parents and athletes can create consistent routines, such as pre-game rituals or handshakes, to provide comfort and consistency, eliminating arguments and bickering before games.

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