#169: When a Coach Cuts Your Athlete’s Confidence – Here’s What To Do

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Have you ever wondered what to do when your daughter’s confidence takes a hit due to her coach’s actions or words?

Unfortunately, it’s a situation that many parents and athletes face, and it’s essential to address this issue.

So, what can you do when a coach cuts your athlete’s confidence?

In this episode of Raising Unstoppable Girl Athletes, we’ll explore this common challenge and discuss practical steps to handle it effectively. While it may be tough to navigate, remember that such experiences can be valuable life lessons for your young athlete.

The Importance of Communication

Effective communication is key when dealing with any issue in sports. Open dialogue is essential between your daughter and her coach, but often, young athletes may lack the skills to initiate these conversations. It’s up to us, as parents, to empower them with the tools needed to address their concerns and find solutions.

Starting with a Mindset Shift

Before diving into the details of how to handle this situation, it’s important to start with a mindset shift. Understand that not every challenging coaching situation is abusive. We’re not discussing situations where your athlete is being verbally or physically mistreated. Instead, we’re focusing on coaches who may have a different coaching style or make decisions you disagree with.

Seeing the Opportunity

Reframe your perspective. Challenging coaching situations can actually be beneficial for your athlete’s personal growth. It’s through these challenges that they learn to advocate for themselves, develop resilience, and acquire valuable life skills. So, while it might be difficult in the moment, remember that it’s an opportunity for growth.

Getting Curious: Understand the Situation

When your athlete shares her experiences with you, don’t immediately jump to conclusions. Get curious instead. Ask questions to understand the full picture. Avoid making judgments based solely on your athlete’s perspective because there are always multiple sides to the story.

Maintaining Positivity

Coaches are human and make mistakes. They may not always communicate in the most effective way, and their actions or words might have unintended consequences. Instead of bashing the coach, help your athlete see the positives in the situation. Encourage her to find the ‘gift’ in the coach’s feedback or actions.

Avoiding Gossip

Your opinion of the coach matters, but it’s essential not to share negative views with your athlete. Engaging in gossip about the coach can drive a wedge between your athlete and her coach, making it more challenging for her to maintain a positive relationship. Keep your opinions to yourself or discuss them with someone other than your athlete.

Taking an Inside-Out Approach

To navigate athlete-coach dynamics, focus on an inside-out approach. Start by empowering your athlete to recognize what’s within her control. This includes her mindset, her response, and where she directs her energy. Encourage her to develop self-confidence independent of her coach’s validation.

Building a Support System

Ensure your athlete has a support system. This includes having teammates or friends who offer emotional support. As parents, keep an eye on her mental and emotional well-being and provide additional support if needed.

Advocating for Change

Teach your athlete how to have constructive conversations with her coach. Empower her to ask questions and express her concerns. Encourage her to seek clarification and provide feedback. If the situation requires, you can be present during these conversations to offer support.

The Bottom Line

Navigating a challenging coach-athlete relationship is never easy, but with the right mindset and communication skills, you can help your athlete grow and thrive. Remember that these experiences can be valuable life lessons, teaching her resilience, communication, and self-confidence. By focusing on her inner strength and building a positive support system, your athlete can overcome challenges and become a stronger competitor. Good luck!

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] How to handle a coach who diminishes an athlete’s confidence. Exploring the issue of a coach cutting an athlete’s confidence and useful tips for addressing the situation.

[02:36] Coaching styles and communication with athletes. Learn the importance of a mindset shift for parents whose athletes are in challenging coaching situations, seeing it as an opportunity for growth rather than a negative experience.

[07:31] Athlete-coach dynamics and mental skills training. Avoid criticizing or badmouthing athletes’ coaches, as it can create conflict and make it harder for athletes to maintain a positive relationship with their coach.

[12:32] Empowering athletes to navigate challenging coach-athlete relationships. Discover the importance of athletes developing mental strength and confidence, even in the face of negative coaching behaviors.

[17:22] Empowering athletes to communicate with coaches. Parents are encouraged to help their daughters build confidence and mental skills, such as recognizing and advocating for their own competence, and surrounding themselves with support.

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