#147: Keys To Raising A Self-Confident Athlete (Strategies You Can Start Now!)

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Are you ready to discover the keys to raising a confident athlete? Confidence plays a crucial role in athletic performance, and I’m here to share some practical strategies that you can start implementing right away. By empowering your daughter with self-assurance and mental toughness, you can help her thrive in her athletic journey.

So, let’s dive into these strategies together!

Confidence Comes from Feeling at Home Within Ourselves

Now, let’s talk about what we really mean when we talk about self-confidence. According to the research of Dr. Becky Kennedy, confidence is all about feeling at home within ourselves. It means that our athletes can experience a whole range of emotions during their sports journey, just like in real life. Sports provide a great opportunity for them to interact with different people, face various situations, and feel a whole mix of emotions – from sadness and frustration to joy and elation.

We want our athletes to be able to experience and navigate through these emotions without feeling alone. When they feel isolated and unable to handle their emotions, their confidence starts to waver. They may even be afraid of failure or not feeling good enough, which can negatively impact their performance on the field. That’s why it’s important for them to have the skills to handle and process their emotions. Confidence truly comes from being able to embrace and work through these emotions because, let’s face it, sports don’t always go their way.

How to Raise an Unstoppable Athlete: 3 Keys to Confidence

So, how do you help build your athlete’s confidence?

Below, we’ll explore the key strategies that can help you enhance your daughter’s confidence. By understanding the impact of verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as equipping her with the necessary skills, you can play a significant role in shaping her confidence and supporting her athletic journey.

Verbal Communication

Your words have a significant impact on your daughter’s confidence, especially before, during, and after competitions. By normalizing, naming, and validating her emotions, you can empower your athlete to navigate the full range of emotional experiences in her athletic journey. Encouraging her to recognize and process emotions helps her understand that they are a normal part of the game.

When you focus on what’s within her control and highlight her qualities as an athlete – rather than focusing solely on external factors like wins and stats – you reinforce her self-worth beyond the outcomes. Remember, your verbal communication can shape her confidence, so choose your words wisely. 

Nonverbal Communication

Your actions and attitude can also help your daughter’s confidence. As the most influential example of her confidence in her life, you can demonstrate her competence by embodying the qualities you want in her. Reflect on how you interact with yourself, how you deal with challenges, and your general outlook on life. Encourage them to develop these qualities within themselves by demonstrating a mindset of resilience, confidence and growth.

Nonverbal communication speaks volumes. So, be conscious that you want to give her daughter confidence.

Equip Her with the Skills She Needs

Confidence is something that takes time and effort to build. As your daughter gets better at her sport, the pressure and expectations will only increase. To help her succeed, it’s important to teach her how to handle tough situations. Some common challenges that athletes face include nerves, comparing themselves to others, and learning from mistakes. By teaching her how to deal with these challenges, you’ll be giving her the skills she needs to succeed in sports and in life.

Help her develop positive self-talk, resilience, and the ability to stay motivated even when things get tough. These skills will serve her both in her sport and in life beyond athletics.

Final Thoughts

Raising a self-confident athlete takes effort and consistency. By paying attention to your words and actions, and by helping her develop the skills she needs to succeed, you can set her up for success. Remember, confidence comes from believing in yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Embrace the journey of raising an unstoppable girl athlete by fostering her self-confidence and ensuring she enjoys and excels in her chosen sport!

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Episode Highlights: 

[01:34] How confidence comes from feeling at home within ourselves. Dr Becky Kennedy’s research on confidence.

[02:47] The three things that can really help athletes in the moment, but also in the long game.

[04:21] Confidence is not tied to external factors. The athlete who is confident has a competitive advantage.

[05:51] How to help your athlete build her self-confidence. Your verbal and non-verbal communication is important.

[08:09] Your young athlete needs to have the skills to navigate being an athlete.

[10:07] Don’t overlook the importance of nonverbal communication.


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