#120: Helping Your Daughter Overcome Mental Blocks And Play With Confidence – How This Mom Is Doing It Inside The Elite Competitor Program!

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Have you tried to help your daughter overcome mental blocks when it comes to her sport and her training, but feel like you’re both hitting a wall? Do you long to see your daughter play her sport with the confidence that you know she has deep down, but struggles to pull out?

If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, you’re certainly not alone! 

Today, we’re talking to Lauren, a mom who is now walking alongside her daughter through the Elite Competitor Program. Currently, Lauren and her daughter, Lyla, are a few weeks into the program. But this episode was recorded right before they started their journey.

Where we’re going in today’s episode:

We start by talking about what Lyla was experiencing as an athlete and how Lauren picked up on her experience. Then, we talk through the ways Lauren has tried working with Lyla through her mental blocks. And finally, we talk about how Lauren introduced the idea of going through the Elite Competitor Program together, and why Lyla decided herself that it would be a good idea. 

Lyla’s background, and what she was experiencing as an athlete:

  • Lyla is an 11-year-old multisport athlete who is a competitive all star cheerleader and basketball player.
  • Lauren describes Lyla as a hard working high achiever who is very athletic by nature. She has a drive that can’t be taught! 
  • Because Lauren would describe herself as very similar to her daughter Lyla, she understands how she feels. 
  • Lauren desires for Lyla to have mental tools that can help guide her through the mental blocks she faces, such as perfectionism and negative self-talk.

Some of ways Lauren and Lyla tried to work through mental blocks together before introducing the Elite Competitor Program:

  • “Shutting down” negative thoughts – but unfortunately, negative thoughts don’t just “go away”.
  • Offering incentives – When Lauren tried to offer an incentive, Lyla communicated that the incentive felt like extra pressure.
  • “Just have fun” approach – When Lauren noticed that Lyla was struggling, it wasn’t as simple as just “telling” her that it’s fun.
  • The “band aid” approach – Lauren and Lyla avoided talking about it, but Lauren expressed that this felt like a “band aid” that didn’t help anyone.
  • Staying “steady” – Lauren tried to avoid riding the highs and lows with Lyla, but she didn’t enjoy feeling like she couldn’t celebrate the good times with Lyla. 

And of course, as moms, all of the ways we try to help our daughters come from the best intentions! We’re all doing our best to try to support and help our girls along the way. Sometimes, it can feel like trial and error.

How Lauren presented the Elite Competitor Program to Lyla, and how Lyla made the decision to start the program on her own:

  • Lauren first showed Lyla some of Coach Bre’s videos, and talked through what the program is and how it could help both of them, together.
  • At first, Lyla was reluctant. She thought it would be a program where someone else was just “trying to fix her”.
  • Lauren explained to Lyla that through the program, she would get to connect with other girl athletes her age that struggle with some of the same things.
  • But after Lauren presented and explained the program, she then left it alone for Lyla to consider on her own, and made sure not to “push it” on Lyla.
  • After Lyla continued to experience some of the mental blocks she had been facing in practice and competition, she then realized that she wanted to give the program a try. And as a bonus, she was excited about it, too!

How Lauren intends on incorporating the Elite Competitor Program into their busy family schedule, and what she’s most excited about walking into the program with Lyla:

  • Lauren believes that if something is truly important to you, you will find time to prioritize it.
  • For their family specifically, they’ve been able to carve out Wednesday’s as a family night where they connect over dinner, play games, and relax without other activities going on. Lauren and Lyla have made a plan to work through the program during this time together. 
  • Lauren is excited about doing the work of the program right alongside Lyla. She’s looking forward to both modeling the work, and also being right there in it with Lyla, so that Lyla knows she’s supported and not alone. 
  • She’s also looking forward to preserving the role as “mom” through this process, learning to stay in her lane, and how to support and help Lyla as her mom. 
  • And lastly, Lauren is excited to see Lyla take a step back and fall in love with her sport all over again. She believes that this process will help Lyla continue to grow in emotional maturity, and help her far beyond her sport, too. 

And now that Lauren and Lyla are a few weeks into the program, we share an update from Lauren on their work! Tune into the full episode to hear about how Lauren has seen Lyla grow in her confidence as an athlete and a leader on her teams.

Curious on how to get started with mental training? 

The Elite Competitor Program (our signature mental training program for female athletes and the parents who support them) is OPEN for enrollment NOW!

Head to join.elitecompetitor.com before Friday, February 3rd to save $400 and snag some awesome bonuses! 


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