#12: **Bonus** Overcoming Mistakes with Tarah and Evelyn

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We have a special interview with Tarah (mom) and Evelyn (athlete daughter) today! They’re going to share their experience inside The Elite Competitor Program where Evelyn really learned how to bounce back from mistakes and so much more!

Tarah ends by saying: “We really have loved this program. And I think that you and Kristina are such great encouragers and Evelyn’s already looking up to you guys as role models and mentioning you guys at different times.

And so I’m just so grateful that you have this. I think you’ve really identified an issue that female athletes have. And so I think that all of the areas that you work on are so relevant.”

We asked Evelyn what she felt like before joining the program and she said:

I felt a lot of pressure.  I had a lot of fun at practices, but then whenever it came game time, I was so nervous. I kind of got  a little sick before games and I think I was more concerned about what other people thought whenever I made mistakes then what I could  do to change the mistakes and what to do better next time.”

I can’t wait for you to hear her describe how she’s feeling now and the tremendous progress she’s made!

When asked what Tarah would tell other moms, she shares:

“We would encourage her and and tell her all the things that we saw and that we believe.

But until she thought about it and took the time to really explore her thoughts and her self-talk and visualizing herself as the athlete that she knows she could be versus what she’s doing. Until that became real to her, it didn’t matter. So I think that is huge. You could be saying everything you’re saying, but until they work through it and they’re doing that homework and they’re spending that time, then it’s not going to be real to them. And it’s not really gonna soak in. So to me that’s worth it.”

She also shares:

I think we’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned from my own self-talk to really watch what I say about myself, because I don’t want her to believe that about herself. It’s helped me evaluate the things that I say and the beliefs that I have, because I don’t want to pass that on to her.”

We loved sitting down to chat with Tarah and Evelyn and hope you find their story and journey inspiring and encouraging as well!

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