#112: We’re Taking A Break! (And How You Can Help Us While We Do!)

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Are you ready for something new in 2023? We have some exciting things and big giveaways planned for our moms and female athletes!

As a little bit of a spoiler alert, we’ll be giving away a free seat in The Elite Competitor Program for free! I’ll be sharing with you where you can find details about this offer below. And I’ll also talk about what you can do in the short time between wrapping up the podcast as it is now and relaunching it in 2023.

Here’s what’s new!

So we’re relaunching because we want this podcast to be the go-to resource for raising self-assured female athletes. We want to be very deliberate about the episodes we record for you. And we’re making some changes to better reflect what you’re looking for, including inviting guests to address your concerns.

We’re taking our time to put together something truly unique and meaningful for both moms and female athletes.

What you can do in preparation for our relaunch

During this break, here are some things that you can do to prep for the relaunch!

#1. Keep posted on our socials

I’ve mentioned above about our upcoming giveaways. So, during the prep time for our relaunch, you can anticipate the official opening of our giveaway. We’re planning to do it at the beginning of the year, so make sure to follow our social media accounts and keep posted. 

I’ll also be asking participants in our Elite Competitor Program some questions about what they want to see in the next podcast, so keep an eye on our Instagram for updates.

#2. Be sure you’re receiving our emails 

Are you on our weekly emails? 

If you’ve subscribed to our email list but haven’t received any emails, try looking for them on promotions or elsewhere, and make sure they’re white-listed so you can see them in your inbox.

If you’re not on our email list, go to trainhergame.com and register for our free training for sports moms. That way, you’ll be in touch with us when we send out information about the podcast re-launch, rebranding, and how you can participate in our awesome giveaways in January.

#3. Join our Facebook Community

We’ll be dropping a lot of information in our Elite Competitor Society on Facebook, so make sure to be part of it. It’s free to join. 

It’s not much different than what you’ll find on Instagram and in our email lists, but it’s just another way for you to stay connected to us and other like-minded people.

To wrap things up…

Stay connected with us during the break and while we prepare for our relaunch to be among the first to learn about something new we have in store for you.

Make sure you’re in the loop with our new Podcast Re-Launch AND how to win a free spot in The Elite Competitor Program (plus other giveaways this January!:

Follow me on Instagram: @elitecompetitorcoach

Make sure you’re getting our emails! (Check promos, spam, or junk and pull them out and mark not junk!)

If you’re not on our email list – head to www.trainhergame.com & sign up for our free training for sports moms and you’ll be set!

Join The Elite Competitor Society – our free FB group to connect, learn tips, and stay in the loop!

Give us feedback on what you want to hear from the podcast. You can always respond to our emails, Instagram stories, and Facebook posts.

What are you most interested in hearing about?

Who would you like us to invite as guests?

What do you enjoy most about our podcasts?

We want to hear your thoughts! 

We have even more exciting plans for you in the coming year. So stay tuned and in touch with us. Have a wonderful holiday season!


Helpful Links:

  • Join our FREE training for Sports Moms – How To Strengthen Your Athlete Daughter’s Mental Game So She Believes In Herself As Much As You Do.

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