#108: Behind The Scenes of Our Mom-Daughter Retreat in Costa Rica!

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If you’ve been following our podcasts and blogs for a while, you’ll be familiar with this retreat that we host with our Elite Competitor Program’s female athletes and their moms! The retreat is made for us to unwind and strengthen the mom-daughter connection.

This time, we spent 10-11 days together in Costa Rica, surfing, doing yoga, having mindset lessons, and more activities that reinforce the mom-daughter connection. We had the great time of our lives, as well as the moms and the female athletes who joined!

Are you curious about it? Let me share with you some sneak peeks about what we did at the retreat together with some thoughts and lessons our female athletes learned on this trip.

5 Female Athletes from our Elite Competitor Program

The behind-the-scenes that I’m going to share with you guys today will be presented from the perspective of some of our participants. They’re female athletes from our Elite Competitor Program who joined and enjoyed the retreat with their moms!

We have Amelia, 15 years old, who plays volleyball. Kylee, also 15 years old, plays both basketball and soccer. We have Melissa here, 12 years old and plays both volleyball and basketball. Taylor, 16 years old, also plays volleyball. And lastly, Ava, 15 years old, plays volleyball and just started doing track. 

From the 5 participants of the Elite Competitors Program Retreat:

What was your favorite part of the retreat? (Amelia, Taylor)

My favorite part was the daily surfing lessons because it was really fun to be able to like even if you fail something. And it was fun to do it.
– Amelia

My favorite part was probably the waterfall rappelling because we all got to cheer each other on. And we also got to go at the same time as our mom sometimes. And it was just really fun. It was an adrenaline rush for sure
– Taylor

What activity was challenging for you at the retreat and why? (Ava, Kylee)

It was mostly just having something to do every day because normally on vacations, we get to have two or three days of rest. And we only had one day of rest for this retreat. That was the hardest part for me.
– Ava

There were some moments that I was pretty scared or nervous just to go down and conquer the waterfalls. But I pushed myself and I realized I could do a lot more than I thought I could.
– Kylie

What was better than what you expected or anticipated on this trip? (Melissa, Taylor)

I wasn’t sure where we were going to stay or what it was gonna be like. And it turned out to be a really nice place.
– Melissa

Probably yoga. I’m just not the most flexible person. So I was kind of nervous about yoga, and doing it for almost two hours. Some days were kind of a lot, but it was better than I thought. It was more relaxing than I thought it was gonna be.

How has this retreat impacted your mindset around your sport? (Amelia, Kylee)

It made me more confident. Learning how to surf and also being able to successfully do yoga made me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to. I just kept telling myself that I could do it. So, I’ve implemented that in my sport. And I’ve noticed that I’ve been more confident, more consistent, and I’m able to move on from mistakes better. Learning a new thing helped me with that.
– Amelia

I realize that fear cannot hold me back. Being scared doesn’t affect me anymore. And I can still do it. 
– Kylee

How does this trip impact your relationship with your mom? (Ava, Melissa)

Before I wanted to be around her, but I want to be around her EVEN MORE now.
– Ava

Before we never really took time out of our day to do stuff together. And I feel like now we take more time throughout the week to just go do something fun.
– Melissa

How did the retreat impact your life since you returned? (Taylor, Amelia)

I’ve gotten a lot more confident in everything. Like I speak up more in class now and around other people that I wouldn’t normally talk to you. I started talking to them and just trying to be more social and outgoing. 
– Taylor

I’ve also become more confident and I find myself kind of like moving on from the things that used to upset me. It has helped me lead, go and be more competent.
– Amelia

What do you miss the most from the retreat? (Everyone) 

I miss surfing and fresh fruits!
– Kylee

Being out in nature and just getting to a bunch of cool things like waterfall rappelling. 
– Melissa

I miss the food the most. It was so good. Especially the fruit. It was really good. But I also miss going to the beach every day. Because I don’t live anywhere near the beach. 
– Taylor

I miss the food and the people. The food was great. And I also miss everyone we met there. 
– Amelia

I miss the fruit. And the food there was awesome!
– Ava

What would you tell other athletes or moms who are considering coming on this retreat? (Everyone)

Have a lot of fun spending time together. Surfing isn’t as bad as you think it is. Once you get it, it’s pretty easy from that.
– Melissa

I would tell them to do it. It’s worth it. It’s fun memories that will last forever.
– Kylee

I would just say be ready to make a bunch of fun memories. And honestly going to Costa Rica has made me change my plans (not fully) for the future. I’ve always been set on being like a medical person, but lately, I’ve been questioning that.
– Ava

When you’re there, I would say do “everything”. Don’t let your mindset or what you think you can do, affect you. Just do everything because you will regret it if you miss out because you think you couldn’t do it.
– Amelia

I would say “just do it”. There were so many unique experiences when we went there. And it was a fun way to bond with your daughter.
– Taylor


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