#38: How To Get Your Daughter to ‘Buy-In’ To Mental Training

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You understand that your daughter’s mental game is her biggest competitive advantage.

Whether it’s to level-up, become more confident, or start playing to potential (or all 3!), you likely know that it’s not just the physical skills that will get her far.

It’s the mental that makes the difference.

It’s what separates average athletes from elite athletes.

It’s the difference-maker when it comes to having the skills and actually being able to execute when the stakes are high.

It’s the difference between athletes that react to events vs those that respond.

It’s everything! Maybe you know this, and you want your daughter to join The Elite Competitor Program with the other athletes who get it too.

But, she’s not quite convinced yet.

Maybe she thinks it’s like counseling and she’ll have to ‘talk about her feelings.’

How do you bring it up in a way that makes her feel like something isn’t ‘wrong’ with her?

The simple strategies that we’ll be talking about today will help open your daughter’s eyes to the power of mental training while taking the burden off of you to get her to ‘buy-in.’!

#1: Connect it to her larger goals

Ask her what her goals are

People are much more open to feedback/information once they know we have their best interest at heart.

Connect “mental training” to her stated goals.

“You have really dedicated a lot of time to basketball. I can tell you really love it and want to go far. I’m here to help and support you in your goals. Because you’ve said that you want to play in college (or make the varsity team, etc), I think that the mental side of the game is something we can hone in on to allow you to reach your goals.”

If your daughter is motivated by challenges:

“You’ve said you want to be the best ball handler on the team. The best athletes, in any sport, do more than just physical training.”

The key here is to connect it to something they’ve already stated that they want.

#2: Show her examples of other athletes using mental training

If you need a little more credibility, ask her who her favorite athletes are.

Google those athletes, find YouTube videos/Podcasts of them speaking on how they became great.

Guaranteed they will talk about the mental side of the game. 100% of the athletes that we have come to Dream Team say they would not be able to achieve their success (and enjoy their sport) without their mindset.

To bring it closer to home, does she have an athlete that she admires? Ask her what makes that athlete so good? Often, it’s more than just physical. Point out the mental traits – leadership, fearless mentality, rises under pressure, etc. THOSE are the skills that separate that athlete.

#3: Have her listen to the special athlete podcast!

Leave it to me! I just recorded a podcast episode that is dropping on Sunday Jan 30th that is specifically for your daughter.

She will hear straight from me why mental training is her biggest competitive advantage, what is is/what it isn’t, etc.

No trying to convince – just put me on in the background and walk away! 🙂

#4: Release the burden of getting her to buy-in

You have two things that are 100% in your control:

-Shaping the environment

-Providing opportunities

There are different stages of ‘readiness’ for athletes go through the program – it’s always helpful to surround your daughter with these skills!

Some athletes go through the program all on their own.

Some athletes go through with their moms.

Some moms just go through so they have the knowledge and perspective and can shape the environment even more!


Remember, we all take action in two circumstances:

-When our situation is too painful to continue (we need something different)

-When we have huge goals and are ready to go after them

Whichever boat your daughter is in, keep showing up for her and providing her the opportunity!


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