#26: Build Connection, Memories, and her Mental Game… in Costa Rica!

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You and your daughter are invited to join us on the trip of a lifetime!!

🌴 Connection + Memories + Mindset 🌴

Our All Inclusive Mom-Daugther Costa Rica Retreat is happening July 2-9 and we have limited spots for 6 mom-daughter duos! ☀️

We are bringing you the best of what we do around here: building confidence and elite performance…

…and pairing it with an exclusive, customized, distraction-free experience in Costa Rica with our partners, Travis & Pilar from Bodhi Surf + Yoga!

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Retreat, Let’s Quickly Chat About Who This Is Really For…

We’re hearing from many of the moms in our community right now that they want deeper connection and lasting memories with their daughters.

It’s been a tough couple of years for most of us!

And let’s face it, our time is something we can never get back. It’s such a precious resource.

As a mom of a teenager, you probably know this better than most…

  • Packed schedules
  • Friends start becoming the priority
  • Weeks and months seem to be flying by
  • There’s only a few summers left with her still living at home with you

If you are like many of the moms in our community who really want…

🌴 A chance to get away and really connect with their daughters

☀️ To hit the pause button and relish their time together

🌴 An opportunity to focus and learn without the distractions of every day life

☀️ To meet new people and have new experiences together

🌴 To be surrounded by inspirational women and other athletes who are traveling a similar journey

☀️ All while developing skills to increase confidence, build resilience, and embrace self worth… for both of you.

Then you’re in the right place. This trip is specifically for you and your daughter.

Imagine with me for a moment…

  • Transformative mindset work for both you and your daughter
  • Experiences and activities to deepen your connection with one another
  • Freedom from the “every day”
  • Activities to expand our comfort zones like traveling, surfing and hiking
  • Restorative experiences like rest, yoga, and more
  • Mother-daughter time to create once in a lifetime memories before she’s “on her own” in a few short years

This is your chance to get away, (re)connect, create new memories together, and work on building confidence and self belief that will transform both of your lives.

Listen in for all the details on where we’re staying, everything that’s included, a typical day on the retreat, and our early bird pricing opportunity!

You can find all the info here and grab your spot today!
(and if you prefer to watch this info session, just click the link and then select the replay at the top of the page)

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