#110: “Do I Need To Be In Good Shape?!” And Other Top Questions About Our Mom-Daughter Costa Rica Retreat ANSWERED!

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We are so excited to host our second mom-daughter retreat in Costa Rica this coming summer! 

This mom-daughter retreat is special in so many ways. This retreat offers an opportunity for you and your daughter to be together in a distraction-free environment. At the same time, you’ll also get to experience so many amazing things: 

  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Working on your mental game (yes, both of you!)
  • Working on your mom-daughter connection and more!

To learn more about the retreat, and also join one of the info sessions that we’re hosting,go to kristinabreanne.com/info

We don’t want you to miss it. That’s why I’m here to answer some common questions that we’ve received about our mom-daughter retreat in Costa Rica in July 2023.

When is the retreat?

The upcoming retreat will be held from July 1-8, 2023. You will fly into San Jose, Costa Rica at any time on June 30th and then we’ll all meet and head to Bodhi Surf & Yoga in Uvita, Costa Rica, on the morning of July 1st. Your hotel room for June 30th is covered, too!

What ages can join the retreat?

This retreat is for moms with athlete daughters, and last year our athletes ranged from 13 to 18 years old.

So, female athletes in middle school and high school are welcome to join the retreat.

We are, again, partnering with Bodhi Surf & Yoga to ensure the yoga, surfing lessons, accommodations, and more are safe, planned, and super fun for moms and their middle school to high school daughters.

What if I have two daughters? 

We only have space for one trio, so if you’re interested in bringing both daughters then be sure to grab that one spot quickly! We’re glad to offer a little bit of a discount for the second daughter as well. Just reach out and we’ll work with you to get it all setup – [email protected].

What will we be doing?

I’m not going to give you all the details of our retreat because that’s a surprise. But basically, the overview is that we will be doing a combination of surfing, yoga, and mindset lessons every single day. 

Our partners take care of the surfing lessons, which happen five times during that retreat, and the yoga lessons, which also happen five times.

And then we also have five specific mental training lessons that are a combination of things for your athlete and then things for you as a mom, as well as things that you do with your daughter. 

We have so many fun activities in store for both moms and athletes. 

There will also be some surprise adventures but rest assured they are safe and retreat attendees get to vote and help shape the experience..

Have you done something like this before?

Yes. In our first retreat last summer, we took six moms and daughters. It was so much fun and the feedback from everyone was better than we could have hoped. That’s why we’re doing it again!

Kristina and I both have extensive backgrounds in traveling and taking groups on trips. I have taken a high school group to Costa Rica with an organization called courts for kids, where we build a sports court for an underdeveloped community in Costa Rica.

I’ve also done that in Uganda. 

Kristina has also led corporate trips with her corporate career for years and years. I also take my volleyball team on out of state trips every single season. 

So, we’re experienced trip planners and hosts and we always partner with the best people to ensure our trips are a success!

Do I need to be in Good Shape?

This is the question that I think everybody wants to know. And the answer is “No, you don’t need to be.” You don’t need to be in peak performance shape, you don’t even need to be in good shape. 

You just have to be willing to do some basics in surfing and also in yoga. 

In terms of surfing, you can honestly choose your adventure. The instructors will give you so many options for where you are and your ability level. 

You don’t need to be in phenomenal shape to do our surfing and yoga activities. 

What if I haven’t surfed or done yoga before? 

That’s all right. That’s what the instructors are for. I had never surfed before our retreat last summer. And it was so much fun! 

It’s the same thing with yoga.It was challenging for sure, but it was really fun. 

What is included when we pay for the retreat?

Everything in this retreat is included. You just need to show up. So everything from transportation, lodging, meals, snacks, surfing, yoga, mindset lessons, and the other adventures that we have planned are included in your payment. All are included for the price of $6,000. And that’s both for you and your daughter. 

You will be very well cared for; you just need to purchase your flights to and from Costa Rica and we have the rest covered!. 

Is the mental training the same as in The Elite Competitor Program?

Yes and no.There are concepts that we teach in ECP that we’ll be teaching at the retreat, but we are going much deeper with so many things. It’s almost like the ECP lab version but deeper. So you get to have access to me and you get to ask questions and both mom and daughter will be learning and practicing their mental skills every single day.. 

I also have a one-on-one with your daughter so we can talk about what she’s experiencing at the retreat and also back at home. We’ll help tie it all together.

You’ll get to hear other perspectives from the other moms in person. And we do a lot of mom training specifically, we do athlete training specifically, and then we create intentional opportunities for moms and athletes to connect. 

What if I’ve never been out of the country? 

I would love to be part of your first-time experience out of the country. So if you’ve never been out of the country before, let’s go! Let’s do this! You will need a passport, so you’ll want to start this process right away.

How will this impact my relationship with my daughter? 

Here are some insights we’ve received after our retreat last summer:

“It has allowed each of us to see each other in a different light. I realized I need to check in with her more to make sure I’m providing her the support she needs in the way she needs it. I think she has realized she could be more open with me than she has been in the past.” – Mom participant

“It has made us closer. We have always had an open relationship, but I feel now I am more willing to share with my mom on a deeper level. Which is pretty cool.” – Female athlete participant

“We were able to open up to each other more through some of the exercises that Kristina and Breanne had us do, as well as the yoga instructor, which has helped us understand each other better. I know how to better support my daughter and she knows how much I care for and love her.” – Mom participant


As busy moms, there will be times when it’s hard to have lots of quality time together with your daughter. It’s the truth especially if your daughter is in high school and her friend, social, and sport life is filling up her calendar.

Going on a trip together will be a unique opportunity for both of you to connect on a deeper level.

You get to experience fun while training both your body and mind. Moreover, you’ll be in a very special distraction-free environment to bond with your daughter. 

It’s a life-changing trip with an opportunity to grow and develop with your female athlete.


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