#43: 3 Common Pre-Game Mistakes to Avoid as a Parent (and what to do instead)

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The time before your athlete competes is very fragile! 

It’s also a great time for you to focus on your own game plan so you can help build confidence and ensure she feels her best as she goes into her competition.

Athletes often have a lot of feelings as they’re preparing to compete. These could include:

  • Nerves/Anxiousness
  • Excitement
  • Pressure

The goal is that she goes out and feels confident and ready.

In the Elite Competitor Program, we help athletes do their own preparation work to help ensure they are ready.

However, what you say and do beforehand also has a huge impact! It can help… or absolutely hinder her performance and cause her to focus on the wrong things. 

In this episode, I’ll share three common mistakes I see parents making and what to do instead:

Mistake #1: Confusing your role

You are MOM. Not the coach, ref, or player. This means no coaching before a game or trying to “remind” her of what she needs to do. 

What to do instead: Support! “I love you” “Have fun” “Need anything?”

Make sure she is hydrated, fed, and well rested beforehand!

Mistake #2: Focusing on Outcome

Talking about winning, scoring points/goals, beating the opponent, etc is all outcome-based. 

This adds a ton of pressure to kids and causes unneeded anxiety and stress.

What to do instead: If you’re going to say anything, make sure it’s around what is in her control “play hard, trust your training.”

Mistake #3: Not Having a Routine

Athletes use routines to help their body and mind feel prepared. 

Having a routine with your daughter is a simple way to help her feel grounded and ready. This could be super simple – a text, a hug, etc. Just keep it consistent.

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